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What Are You Working On Now?   General Discussion

Started 11/19/17 by MarciainMD; 507434 views.
Pirate (PIRATE_SR)

From: Pirate (PIRATE_SR)


Well, my, my, my!  I have "finished" my EPP project, "Forget Me Not".  I say "finished" because I have now completed the pattern as designed by Sue Daley.  (Well, Sue has one free-standing flower unit in each of the corners, which I haven't done.)   Right now, it's about 62" square.  I was *incredibly* fortunate to find enough of a suitable background fabric to use to make the  outer corner triangles to square up the top.  I was very pleased about that.

I was kinda/sorta pushing to get this project done because October was the month that my NEXT EPP project, "Inner Cubes", was going to be shipped.  It was my intention to work on Inner Cubes on our upcoming trip to Tucson in early November.  It's going to be a long road trip and I need something that needs a LOT of work to be done.  Inner Cubes was going to be perfect.  And then ... the shoe dropped.  The shop doing this project said that the delivery problems that the country is experiencing is hitting them also.  They have not received all of the inventory necessary for the kits, so they won't be able to ship them out in October (but will just as soon as they get everything in.)

Well, this puts a monkey wrench in my road trip plans.  I had been perfectly content to finish Forget Me Not just as Sue Daley had envisioned but now, in light of Inner Cubes not going to be in my hands in time for the road trip, I have changed my plans for Forget Me Not.  I'm going to make it larger.  :-)    Initially, I thought to augment the stand-along flower units that Sue Daley put in the corners of the (above) quilt by making those flower units the anchor of some appliqued floral "things" ... you know, vines and leaves and other flowers.  I'd have the applique go in both horizontal and vertical directions.  It would give me more hand work to do for the road trip but the size would remain about the same.

But then I realized that the background fabric that I had found and used to make the EPP part a square was kinda skimpy at the 3/6/9/12 o'clock positions.  However, it was all that I had, so I had to work with it.

AND THEN ... in one of my quilting Facebook groups, a member showed a Judy Niemeyer quilt she had finished.  The border treatment immediately caught my eye.  The Judy Niemeyer quilt, "Flowers for my Wedding Ring", has an inner border of Flying Geese ... although I have since seen it done in HST and even without that inner border ... and then another outer border filled with fanciful floral, vines, and leaves applique.  See the picture below.

That border is AWESOME.   Eventhough the area at the 3/6/9/12 o'clock positions on my top is skimpy, I believe that there is enough space to allow a border of pieced "somethings" to the outside.  Right now, I'm thinking of diamonds on point (instead of Flying Geese).   Then, I'll need to find Yet Another Background fabric, compatible with what I already have, to make the border for the floral applique part.  I probably won't do precisely the Birds of Paradise of Judy Niemeyer's quilt but will be heavily using that as inspiration for whatever floral items I do come up with.  

I'll need to hustle to get the pieced diamond border done and the wide outer border sewn on so that I will have a foundation for the applique ... which will be my massive amounts of handwork for the road trip.  :-)    That's the plan, anyway.  :-) 


From: judyinohio


Well, that's a good news-bad news-good news tale for us to read this morning. Sorry to learn about the delayed shipping mess on your "Inner Cubes" project.

(I personally am so tired of FedEx not delivering packages as promised that I routinely have conniption fits but that's another story.)

I suspect that in a former life you must have been a Girl Scout; you are always finding ways to adapt to the situation and work around obstacles.

I have been pleased that almost everything I have had delivered lately arrives very quickly.  Maybe that is one advantage of living in a much smaller town than I used to.  (San Angelo's population is just a tiny bit over 100,000 - as opposed to more than 7,600,000 for the Dallas-Fort Worth METROPLEX - now bigger than Houston!)  

You would think living in a pretty remote area like this, not really very close to any Interstate highway, would make delivery times longer, but in my experience, it is just the opposite.  In the stores, there are shortages of some items, but deliveries have been relatively quick way out here in the wide open spaces!  

though I have generally avoided commission quilts (other than T-shirt), I have recently agreed to make a Texas flag quilt for a friend whose wife has dementia.  Fortunately he picked an easy pattern, but I need to go shopping for red/tan/blue fabrics.  Still I think it will be pretty fun, definitely fast.


From: Mishii


judyinohio said:

Yeah, I have addresses for a lot of forum members from the days when I mailed off the scissors fobs but this little wall hanging is gonna stay here in Ohio.

That’s fine. You can just send me one of your old ones to make room for the new one. I don’t mind helping you make room. You’re welcome ?? 


From: judyinohio


Well, aren't you the clever one to suggest such a thing!

I've found a corner that I will be tucking it into once I get the binding sewn on .... really, truly in a corner like a very shy wallflower. Stay tuned for further developments.


From: judyinohio


Okay, Mishii, here's how I outfoxed you and squeezed one more wall hanging in.

If this northwest corner of my sewing room gets any more colorful it is going to be declared illegal by the good citizens of my township (who are, as a rule, a very timid cautious bunch).  I might have to keep the vertical blinds closed. grin

Here's a close-up view of this cute little semi-circular color wheel ... I am super happy that it wasn't a full circle because I would have lost my mind pivoting around all of those edges. If you are curious this is nailed to the wall using dress maker pins and my tack hammer.

That really turned out great!  I also have to say I'm jealous of your thread collection.  Those lovely shelves are a color wheel all by themselves.  Also jealous that you can leave them out without endangering anyone.  That would not work at my house where thread is considered a dangerous substance, similar to cleaning supplies & matches.

5dogmom (CRISR5)

From: 5dogmom (CRISR5)


What an EXCELLENT use of space!  I also love your rainbow of a thread cabinet!

Cris in MT



From: judyinohio


Ranger seems to have a more scientific mind than either our Pooky or our Misty ever had. Maybe he just needs to explore the potential of everything: Is it useful? Is it tasty? Is it a good toy?  Old age might slow him down but that will be sad.

Pooky would come into the sewing room but after I yelled at her for trying to catch the moving machine needle (I was stitching a seam and her beige paw really startled me) she was a rare visitor. She would nap on fabric on top of the big table but that was about it. 

Misty showed zero interest in the sewing room because she was Daddy's cat.

I know I am fortunate to have such a splendiferous sewing place but I had to wait for decades to get it. I spent most of my sewing "career" in a dark basement. Getting this room with windows on two walls was marvelous. That's why I don't mind crowding my wall hangings together ....