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What Are You Working On Now?   General Discussion

Started 11/19/17 by MarciainMD; 606736 views.

Thank you for the link I will have to watch that. Baptist fan is one of my favorite designs and both of those look really nice.

I have been using the plastic and dry erase. I love that you can just put it over the quilt and see how it will look on your fabric.

I had been using a piece of clear vinyl but I like the plexiglass better to practice on.  It feels more secure.  Susan suggests you put tape all around the edges to prevent erasing off onto the fabric which is also a great tip.  I would like more pieces tho so I could audition multiple patterns at once.

I did the above the day before I left Colorado. My plans for the applique tree of life quilt I worked on during lockdown. 

I decided last night to pull out some UFOs.  I had made these little houses from a MSQC video a few months ago but never put them together.  I like them better now than originally but think I want to make the quilt big enough for a throw.  Maybe some rounds of 9 patches and another of HST.  Hmm, I might even add a round of applique leaves, I'm needing a new applique project....


From: Mishii


He only does certain things but he is starting to venture out. He will now load and will baste the sides because he doesn’t like to wait for me to get home. We are working on ditching - he is not a fan. Dee, he will not touch the sewing machine. Not even a little. He mainly likes drawing the patterns in quilt CAD. I’m trying to get him to see the joy in binding, but no luck so far.  Ah well. He is a master ripper so I’ll deal with binding. I’ll take that trade any day. 

I have yet to finish a quilt since he started. Obviously I have less time. I will free motion some stuff and then leave for work. He then goes in and traces my work, draws it in quiltcad and then Finishes the quilt. I’m not sure how I feel about this lol


From: Mishii


I like this pattern a lot. Consider it stolen!

this LA'er has a lot of edge to edge patterns I really enjoy doing.  I took her class but she also has many "live" youtube videos where you can get ideas.  Stitched By Susan.

You could add some trees and stuff around the background to make it bigger. If they are not already put together you could also put some tree blocks between them to look like empty lots.