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What Are You Working On Now?   General Discussion

Started 11/19/17 by MarciainMD; 935932 views.

From: MelRN


Those are so cute!!!

viola (sissly4)

From: viola (sissly4)


That is cutie.That would make a nice one for a man. I went to the Paducah KY quilt show last Thurs.Saw a lot of beautiful quilt's. I saw the couple that use to run the Bear's Cabin Retreat in Showlow AZ.


From: qltmkr1


Awww... too c'ewe't!  blush

I think the dog is cute, but I would like to make it without him.  


From: judyinohio


But you cannot have a flock of sheep without a sheepdog!

I can do anything I want to.  Or haven't you heard there are NO quilt police?  


From: tuckyquilter


Bindings.. have 4 quilts that I'm doing the binding on today.  Had a quilt in a Progressive Drive Around quilt show this weekend, and one of the quilts I'm working on will hang in a local church on Mother's Day.  


From: judyinohio


Your box of gorgeous scraps arrived a day early.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Now I have to settle down and get busy.


From: latterberry


You are very welcome.  Where is everyone?

I'm around.   working on the Christmas quilt.  I've done all the SID (black on black) and outlining of the applique & embroidery (clear thread).  I had to take a few places out that I wasn't happy with, but a spritz of water and some rubbing with my nail took care of the holes.  So all is good.  I am planning on making a practice sandwich tonight to try out some ideas in the sashing and for the fills.  I discovered while doing the SID that the red sashing does not do well when you remove stitching so I want to make sure I now what I want before I start on that part.

bragging on my SID.  it is black on black but the contrast between the red & black was helpful


Pretty happy with the leaves, I stitched the veins and around the leaves, and long the spines of the embroidery.  I like how they puffed up a bit, especially the berries.  I didn't worry as much about bobbles on the leaves as I did the frames, so you can see a few places that aren't perfect.  Some of the worse ones I have redone, but I think I'm satisfied now.

I didn't do much on the nutcracker, just outlined a bit to hold him in place and make sections puff up.  Looking at this picture I see one little stitch on the feather that isn't where I'd like.  I might go back, not sure.  I keep telling myself it's my quilt, I can do what I want.  I can bury the tails or not (and I've done both).  I can redo or leave mistakes.  And it depends on my mood.  And how tired I am - haha.  I think I'm going to make myself a wall hanging to remind me - My Quilt, My WAY.  I only have to make myself happy, and if it doesn't make me happy I can redo it.