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What Are You Working On Now?   General Discussion

Started 11/19/17 by MarciainMD; 935170 views.

Wow another batch of beautiful quilts!!!!

I finished quilting the wedding gift quilt today, the DWR blocks I was working on at the last retreat. I have my binding straps cut and need to sew them together and get the quilt bound and do a label. Getting there with this project. Making a DWR king sized with heirloom quilting is not likely to happen again for me. Anyone else getting a wedding quilt is gonna get much simpler. No regrets making this one though. And...I can't get a photo to load successfully today :(


From: MelRN


Great job, Lynne!


(edit cause I forgot the E on the end of the name)

  • Edited August 25, 2022 8:39 am  by  MelRN

I got one side of the wedding quilt hand turned last night. I am hoping to get it finished in the next week. 

I now have to figure out a label for it. Any suggestions???


From: MelRN


That quilt is SO gorgeous! I think I'd just put an extra block on the back and hand write on it. Or you could give it to me and abandon the idea :P It's amazing!

Sorry to say the bride has been following my progress of this quilt on my Instagram posts and is quite excited about it so the quilt will need to go to her.


From: judyinohio


That must make you very happy to know that the quilt you have worked so hard to create is going to a loving home.

The bride to be just lit up when her Mom and I asked her about a quilt so I knew she was going to love it. 

Recently I asked my daughter who has some of my quilts and has loved them if she wanted a "wedding" quilt for her bed and she said no. That is ok because she loves some of my wall quilts.

Pirate (PIRATE_SR)

From: Pirate (PIRATE_SR)


Here are 2 more donation quilts that I've finished in the past week.  Like the 3 others that I previously shared, these also have a fleece backing.  I feel really good about finishing the piecing of the tops that needed piecing (easy stuff) and THEN actually quilting & binding them!   I hadn't exactly planned on working on quilting UFOs but, geez ... they were so *easy* to do.  :-)  I gotta say that it has felt so good to be returning to sewing! 

(To be sure, I am still working on my scrapbooking albums.  I'm busy digitizing the 62-page album I just finished.  I'm at the very *boring* part of creating previous/next links on every doggone page.  Boring.  Terminally boring.)

This one is the panel print I talked about early where I forgot to mark 1/2" inside the raw edge so that I inadvertently quilted the border design right up to the raw edge.  This meant that the binding *covered* part of the quilting.  Ick.   The poor loop-de-loops look like chopped off hot dogs. Sigh.

The next one is a Friendship Braid created with half-hexies.  My notes tell me that I pieced this in 2018.  I did an all-over flower meander.

I'll wait until colder weather to donate them to a Crisis Nursery local to me.  I don't think they'd appreciate them when it's been so hot here lately!