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What Are You Working On Now?   General Discussion

Started 11/19/17 by MarciainMD; 1029824 views.
CC (ccase5)

From: CC (ccase5)


Oh, you all are lovely quilters! I get such a thrill in looking at your handwork! Such beauty. I just told a 90 year old relative I would send her a photo of my latest mistake! Can't even put in a cornerstone correctly but i "fixed" it anyway. completed is completed.
Keep on going girls!

Wow that really showcases that panel. I love this!

thanks.  I was kind of shocked how big it is - I guess I haven't made many true bed quilts.  Even a twin is large when you have a 12" drop.  There was barely room to hang it on my wall.


From: Mishii


Finally have the tshirt quilt on the quilter It finished up at 110 x 110. I still think that is way too big for a tshirt quilt, but not my circus, not my circus tent. 


From: MelRN


Been working on the garage, building a work station so I can have my tools easily at the ready, etc.

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From: bornblesse2


That is one HUGE quilt!  Fit a CALifornia King?  Or what…..


From: latterberry


Your T shirt quilt is looking great! I'm sure the recipient will be so  pleased.  I bet it is pretty heavy.


From: BobbiAZ


 Which explains the few many UFOs that continue to pile up here!


From: tuckyquilter


About the only thing I actually do right is scraps... I do manage my scraps into sizes etc AND even make HST of as much as I can.   I can throw a quilt to together pretty quickly.  AND I do keep the sized scraps, each in their own bins in rolling caddies. This is just one of a couple of ISIS rolling storage containers I have.  Very handy as I'm not really this organized in real life!!  Get them from Amazon but I'm sure other places have them too. 


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