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What Are You Working On Now?   General Discussion

Started 11/19/17 by MarciainMD; 1097904 views.

From: fatsewcat


your work  . . . amazing as always.  I love the print used in the box too.

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I don't see a picture. It sounds cool.


From: fatsewcat


since my last visit... I finished the Pink Floyd quilt top plus 2 other.  The PF represents the recipients 5 favorite albums.  Not a traditional quilt but I wanted to do something I knew he would like.  it and the Pokemon quilt both measure 80x80.  The Pokemon quilt is for another co-worker. He started earlier this year and I didn't want to leave him off the list I so I designed something more on the quick and simple side. He dad worked for us for almost 2 years and actually made the suggestion on what I could make because Dustin doesn't say much.  I started and finished the DNP top today.  I didn't realize how FAST that pattern come together by starting out as a nine patch.  I have made a couple I spy quilts using the layout but did not make them as a nine patch first since all the blocks were different and couldn't run them first in a strip piecing method.  I will be making another one using this piece and slice method. Loved it. I am actually thinking of making myself a miniature of this very quilt. I love the bright colors in it. it measures 77x77.

Off to bed and up early to start quilting . :)  Thanks for looking.


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From: fatsewcat


reposted. For some reason it didn't save the pictures from last night and wouldn't let me add them to original post today.

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Pirate (PIRATE_SR)

From: Pirate (PIRATE_SR)


I bought another of Cake & Ale's 3D EPP patterns, this time is was the Bangle Bowl.  It's a tiny thing, compared to the previous project (Trove).  This one finishes at 4x4x2 ... you could plunk a drinking glass inside it.

I think that picking out the fabric scraps took the longest!  The sewing was a bit fiddly, as the outer shell is ever so slightly larger than the inner shell.  This allows the outer shell to have that curved appearance when finished ... but it was a pain to deal with, as you needed to ease the outer edge ... which have the stiff laminated cardstock templates inside!  


From: MelRN


The colors in your DNP are so bright and cheerful!!