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What is This Woman Really Thinking?!?!   Off-Topic Chat

Started 11/23/17 by judyinohio; 1448 views.

From: judyinohio


Okay, here's a chance to come up with a creative caption for a photo.  smiling_imp

Here I am after many hours of listening to my DH's brother and sister-in-law chatter on and on about their several  cruises and trips around Europe this year while munching on my Thanksgiving goodies. (We had already read their online blogs and viewed their online photos but now that we are seeing them live and in person they must repeat the stories we had already read.)

Then DSIL wanted to take a photo to send to her far-flung children who did not travel from their homes in Colorado, Texas, Missouri and Tennessee this year for Thanksgiving. It was the first time in 20+ years she has not had her family in her home and so we invited them to our home.

DSIL apparently wanted to show them that their Aunt Judy can roast a turkey. Yeah, I was not feeling photogenic but I posed, knife in hand while DH was cleaning up the kitchen behind me (bless his heart).  When I saw this photo I thought it looked rather unfriendly.  What do you think is going on in my mind?   LOL


From: Midkid5



The wrong box is checked on your shirt for our look in the photo.  Sorry your Thanksgiving conversation was boring.

We enjoyed a nice Thanksgiving dinner our son and his wife prepared.  This is thier 13 year hosting.



From: bornblesse2


yicks...... knife in hand, shirt that says naughty, a look that expresses....well, it was a big day after all!

my kids were together for a meal.  Boys helped with cleanup.


To me it looks like you really just did not want to pose for a picture and you do not look like you had a wonderful family dinner with great conversation. 


From: MarciainMD


You look like you're saying, "Are you still here?"


From: latterberry


Looks like you have just about had it.  That was one big turkey!  You may be eating leftovers for awhile.  We are having our dinner today since DDIL gets the "real" day with her folks.  I'm so tired from all the prep, I wish it was over with.  Last year we brought my MIL over from the nursing home.  She has dementia but knows who we are and can converse well as long as it is about things from long ago.  But last year after dinner she kept looking for her husband and wondering why he was napping so long.  He has been dead for 6 years.  She was so insistent that I finally had to remind her that he had gone to live with Jesus.  You would have thought that it was the first time she heard it.  I almost think I would rather hear about a cruise that go through that again.  


From: judyinohio


Ami, you more or less hit the nail on the head.

DSIL is extremely competitive and she has turned motherhood into a competition. I won't list all of the details over the 55 years I have known this woman but she has always worked hard to "one up" DH and me and it gets very tiresome. (Decades ago I think it really annoyed her that her kids were jocks and our kids played in marching bands. LOL)

She brags so much about her two perfect grandchildren (not so much about the four less perfect ones). 

While we were sitting around the kitchen table after my DD had left (DD used the excuse that she had to get back home to her kitty) DSIL's cellphone kept erupting with reports about her kids' turkeys being "almost done"  or "ready to eat now", etc. in their various locations in Denver, Dallas, St. Louis and Chattanooga. This "news" was accompanied by photos of turkeys which is was eventually prompted DSIL to want to take the photo of me stabbing our Ohio bird.

DSIL went into my quilting room with me to talk about a quilt she is making for her perfect grandson and her cellphone chirped three or four more times with more turkey reports ... we couldn't even discuss quilting ideas without her stopping to read these remote dinner reports to me.

Did I really care about son Eric's turkey status?


Next year she can stay at home and enjoy turkey reports in the peace and quiet of her own place.  If DH wants to spend time with his brother he can drive to their house and "the boys" can chat over some pizza or something.

Suze (SuzeN1)

From: Suze (SuzeN1)


"Just one more word...and that check mark is gonna move to the Naughty box..."

Cathy (cacnurse1)

From: Cathy (cacnurse1)


You look less than thrilled.  Looks like Aunt Judy was more than able to roast a turkey.  After all the years you've had Thanksgivings, I'm sure no one needed proof of it!  I vote for naughty on your shirt.  I' guessing that your DSIL is not one of the things you are thankful for.unamused


From: judyinohio


Thank you, Suze and Cathy, for making me chuckle.

Darn tootin' I am not grateful for DSIL.  I try very hard to remain civil (for DH's sake) and I bite my tongue every time we are together. I am thankful that they have always lived about two hours' drive way (and at one time they were about eight hours' drive away) so the chances for exasperation are few and far between.

She is so oblivious to how hurtful her attitude and her words can be .... she floats around in her own smug little bubble of gloriousness. 

She says that she is jealous of my "creativity" with colors and design in quilt making (she's the one who has to make quilts exactly as they appear in the pattern instructions) but otherwise everything else she does is far superior to what I do.  Give her points for that, a drop of kindness in the bucket of nasties.