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email hacked!   Off-Topic Chat

Started 12/6/17 by Dee in TX (DBRADFOR3); 389 views.

From: Dee in TX (DBRADFOR3)


Someone was able to change my password.  eeck, and of course calling the number at ATT was not helpful.  So I've changed my security questions as well as my password.  But I'm freaking out, what happens if this person continues to get access to my account somehow and I lose my folders?  I've had that email for 15 years, I've got my live saved in those folders.  And by the way, watch out for bogus emails from me, friends!


From: latterberry


It's a very scary world.  Some guy hacked DH's email and it has been a pain for him setting up a new account and then changing all those accounts that use his email for business.  How we found out was the scary part.  Our investment banker called and said that he had an email from dh stating that he wanted him to transfer funds ($25,000,!)  to his bank to pay for the purchase of some farm equipment.  The banker knows red flags when he sees them and also said that he would never transfer anything just from an email request.  Banker sent me a copy of the email (didn't want to use dh)  and it was so scary.  The guy had read enough of dh's emails that it actually did read like dh was writing it.  He could tell that dh sold farm equipment and that we did business with this banker by dh emailing him for some general information nonsensitive stuff.  DH did some investigating and the hacker was in Nigeria!  Technolongy can be wonderful, but so scary too.


From: mynabird


Wow, Is anybody safe anymore? We are just the little people, Not that important, and got hacked!!!

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From: Dee in TX (DBRADFOR3)


The funny part of this.  I looks like a good possibility it was my husband.  He had changed the password on his mother's phone account but it is associated with ours because the billing address is the same.  The timing was right and though ATT denies it, we're pretty sure that is what happened.


From: tuckyquilter


Having worked for a large phone company I would suggest you also report to your state Public Utilities Agency and also the FCC.  The more complaints they get about an issue the more likely they are to make companies tighten up on security.   It's good to change your passwords  a couple of times a year too.