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hexie Forever Project - down the rabbit hole   General Discussion

Started 5/1/20 by Pirate (PIRATE_SR); 17654 views.
Suze (casuzenn)

From: Suze (casuzenn)


oh wow...those are splendid! Well done...they 'glow'


From: latterberry


We're working on it.

Bet she has to try just one. 


From: latterberry


Jello cubes?  Never thought of that but you are right!

5dogmom (CRISR5)

From: 5dogmom (CRISR5)


Actually, no.  Maybe because I have a "thing" against Jello.

Cris in MT



From: judyinohio


I  never actually ate any Jell-O cubes ... I just was reminded of the look of the things.

Give me a bowl of popcorn any day.  LOL

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Pirate (PIRATE_SR)

From: Pirate (PIRATE_SR)


ARE YOU READY???? for the next installment of the Hollow Cube project?

Well, there are all different sorts of Hollow Cube optical illusions.  This one is what I'm calling a Pop-up Cube, for lack of a better name.  If someone knows what the actual name of this block is, please chime in!   Stand back ... doesn't it look like the middle part of this hexagon protrudes from the background?

Again, this is a hexagon.  If you make it the same size as your other Hollow Cube blocks, you can integrate this one with the others.  Whereas the original Hollow Cube was made from (6) pieced triangles and each of those (6) triangles had 3 pieces, *this* hexagon is made from (6) pieced triangles but these triangles are composed of only *2* pieces, making it somewhat easier for construction.

For this hexagon, take the individual triangle and split in two pieces horizontally.  You can make the split any proportion you want.  For this one, I split the triangles in half.  My triangles are 3" tall, so splitting it halfway makes the horizontal cut at 1.5".   If you make your split closer to the tip of the triangle, the pop-up will appear smaller.  If the split is closer to the baseline, the pop-up will appear larger .. in relation to the "background" hexagon.

Again, you are going to be using light, medium, dark shades.  It is the very careful combination of shades and placement of the pieced triangles that yields the pop-up illusion.  In the photo below, I've drawn red lines where the seam lines between the triangles are.  You can clearly see that there are (6) triangles in this hexagon and each triangle is made of 2 pieces ... a small triangle at the tip and a base trapezoid.

Soooooo .. let's see whatcha all do with this one!  :-)

Those are cool too. I have seen some one block wonder quilts that incorporate this cube and the other cube in the pieces to give a really cool look.

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Pirate (PIRATE_SR)

From: Pirate (PIRATE_SR)


Have I mentioned that I am enamored of this optical illusion Hollow Cube hexagons?

Here is the next variation on that theme: this one looks like a pop-up box in a cut-out of a cube.  Take a look:

It's not nearly as complicated as you might think.  Take a look a the same photo with lines on the triangular seam allowances.  You see that the hexagon is made up of the same 6 triangles as the other two but, of course, the piecing is different.   

These triangles are split into 3 pieces.  I chose to divide the triangles into 3 equal parts.  My triangles are 3" tall, from tip to base.  That makes it easy to divide it horizontally into 3 equal parts at the 1" and 2" mark

Again, you use a light, medium and dark shades, not necessarily of the same color.   Careful color combinations and triangle placement create the optical illusion.

Doncha just love it?   :-)

You are going deeper and deeper into that rabbit hole for sure. Are you going to make  all three and combine them in one quilt?