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Funny Animals - kitty approval   Off-Topic Chat

Started Feb-9 by Dee in TX (DBRADFOR3); 718 views.

If poor kitty ever got locked out or lost, he would be unable to defend himself.  Yikes!  

Maybe wrap the new sofa in foil for a few weeks.

I declared 2 cats decades ago......never again.

Well one of the cats got an infection from the procedure and we had to take him to vet urgent care. He got better. When he was 13 he escaped outside and we could not find him. I was devastated. His brother did fine after the surgery. 

The reason they got declawed was that I bought an art deco sofa in mint condition and they totally destroyed it, as well as some other furniture.


From: judyinohio


Art deco sofa was probably stuffed with horsehair or something else irresistibly "delicious" to kitty sensory system.

That was years ago so not sure what was in the stuffing but the sofa was an origional form the art deco 1920's and in brand new condition. A few weeks in my house and it looked like a shredded mess on the back and one side..........really sad. It was a very heavy piece of furniture and really well made. I was in my 20's and do not remember when I got rid of that sofa but if it was today I would have it recovered for sure. With age comes wisdom and more common sense.

Cathy (cacnurse1)

From: Cathy (cacnurse1)


Dee in TX (DBRADFOR3) said:

  I put quilts over all to make them smell like home, hoping to help Ranger acclimate (and hopefully discourage scratching too).

It was a good idea.  He looks right at home!


From: Mishii


From what I understand it is akin to a person removing their fingers at the first knuckle. Very painful and considered by some to be on the cruel side. I researched it when I had a cat for a minute. I think it ranks up there with cropping ears and docking tails. 

with that said, I’ve only had a few cats. Our dogs live forever, but cats never fared so well. None of them tore anything up, but they were allowed to go outside at will so maybe that is why?


From: judyinohio


I think Mishii might have a valid point.

Pooky came to us as a stray and she was always allowed to go in and out through a kitty door but she was locked in at night.  Vet thought she was five or six when she adopted us and she lived with us for twelve years and never tore up any furniture. She had a climbing tree in the house she enjoyed during the winter months. She died of a heart attack or stroke in my arms.

Misty was adopted from local humane shelter at the age of two and again was allowed to go in and out through kitty door and again was locked in at night. (We read somewhere that a female cat has a territory of approximately a quarter acre.) Misty lived to be twenty years old and never once scratched on anything inside the house other than her sisal-wrapped poles on her climbing tree.

Both cats were superb huntresses known to bring voles, chipmunks and baby bunnies in the house from time to time but they eventually lost interest in going outdoors as they aged. Misty was terrified of blue jays that would screech at her.