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Off-brand rotary blades   General Discussion

Started Feb-12 by sueinIL; 444 views.

From: sueinIL


I haven't heard of Quilters Select blades.  I'll see if Amazon has them.  Thanks!

Sue in IL

Sue, I've used a few generics off of Amazon. No problems with them. I used to have a place that sold them in 50/100 packs and Mark (my then husband) would buy me a hundred for Christmas--I think they were like $180 for the 100 pack. That was > a decade ago.

Quilter's Cut, Headley Tools, SOMOLUX, KISSWILL, Marlene's Magic, Improved Cut...these are the brands I've tried. Prob just looked for the cheapest at the time with good ratings. Not had trouble with any so far. (I will say I have about 20 stockpiled...don't know which brands)


From: sueinIL


Hi Mel

Somolux is the brand I saw on Amazon.  I think I'll try them; the price isn't too much if I just have them on hand for "emergencies."

Sue in IL

I think you won't be disappointed :D