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what a week   Off-Topic Chat

Started Feb-18 by Dee in TX (DBRADFOR3); 1469 views.

From: latterberry


It's been nasty here in Illinois too.  About a week of below zero temps but at least we have power.  My cousin in northern Il has 27 inches of snow in her yard!  Only about 5 or 6 in mine but we live up a bit of a hill and when it gets packed down on the driveway, it is a real struggle to drive up the hill.  You have to really gun it to get up but them I'm afraid of going right through the garage.  It is  supposed to be in teh 30s this weekend and it will feel like a heat wave.




We never lost power, but had the generator sitting in front just in case.  Texas son lost power for 36 hours, then intermittent power outages.  The grand kids were in internet withdrawal also (probably DIL also!), and they did have a gas fireplace to kin of keep warm.

Of course, that is when three of the ewes decided to lamb, that is how I ended up with a bottle baby, the third triplet just couldn't compete and the cold almost got her. What's App-ed the lamb and the grand kids last night, they loved seeing the lamb running around the living room. they are tuning in today at afternoon bottle feeding.

I can hardly wait for the temps to get back up!

We busted out of the drive yesterday to get our second covid shot.  Would not have been able to with out 4 wheel drive!

So glad you got power back. That does not sound like a fun time.

I bet you little lambs are adorable. 

I kept thinking about that year your water line froze and you were going to the bathroom in your RV.  You are such a patient woman.

Yup water freezing in the RV was hard but we did have heat, just no water.


From: tuckyquilter


Stay home and stay safe.  Hopefully you have a treadle so you can keep busy.  LOL

Your son was probably wise to stay in place.   Blessings to your daughter for taking friends in when she has warmth, and they don't.  Water can be found.  You folks have been hit hard with something you don't get that often.  Spring is not far off.  It seems everyone west of the CA state line has had blizzards etc and temps that are cold as a well diggers hinny in Jan, in Montana.

My son said they have had super cold temps and snow up in the Toledo OH area, but "claims" the kids love it.  They are out playing in the stuff. Both he & wife are working from home so I'm grateful neither has to be on the road. He does drive to work in Detroit a couple of days a week just to keep in touch with the office.

All this bad, cold weather reminds me of why I moved West from Kansas more than 50 yrs ago.  I'm a weather wuss

This too shall pass.  


From: bornblesse2



so glad you are ok and survived those rough days.  The cold has been bad all over.  My sis in Des Moines is so sick of cold and snow she just huddles, drinks tea, and thinks of

we all really forget how easy our every day life is with electricity and running water.


From: tuckyquilter


SO true.  Years ago at a Bible Study, the leader asked us to all name one thing in our kitchen that was our favorite thing.  She got the usual toaster, microwave, coffee pot etc, then she came to Grace.  Grace was in her late 80's.. Her answer gave us all pause:   RUNNING WATER....

We had never given that much thought as that was all we'd ever had.   Good lesson in "be grateful for what we have".   

I was raised in the Midwest and hated snow, cold and ice.  Said I would leave as soon as I could.... and I did.  SoCal is pretty crazy politically but I love the weather.  I live about half way between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, in what used to be a sleepy farm town.