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winter storm boredom - novelty score   General Discussion

Started Feb-18 by Dee in TX (DBRADFOR3); 353 views.

as mentioned in another post, my husband does not do well without internet.  Once he got the big pile of wood done for the fire to keep us warm, he was rattling and insisted the roads were fine so went out roaming around to see how many places were open - on multiple occasions.  Yesterday he was certain we could go out and have breakfast so I went with him. Well we did find a truckstop with over an hour wait and the parking lot completely FULL with semi trucks.  And a donut shop -- so much for our breakfast. 

While we were out he also wanted to get some more oil for the generator just in case the electricity went out again.  Walmart was closed (they did open later) so we kept going and found Gibsons was open - I think it's the last Gibsons left in the country and a wonderful place to browse.  They even have a lovely little fabric section with LQS quality but not LQS prices.  I found ANOTHER fabric with Canoes plus these two really cute novelties.  Windmills & barns with various animals- I don't have any windmills.  And these birds are the same ones hanging around our bird feeder - DH insisted because they are so cute - maybe I'll make him a mask.relaxed


From: judyinohio


Those birds at first glance look like they might be chickadees.  Google Images that term and see if your birdies at the feeder look similar.

yes Carolina chickadees.  We had never noticed them before this fall.  We've had a bunch, they try and dart in to grab seed before the cardinals chase them off.  There is a lot of fluttering.  As a result of the bathroom remodel we moved the cat tree out of my sewing room and now Ranger has an excellent view of the bird feeder while curled up in his fav warm spot - he's VERY happy.  Sits and watches them with big fixed eyes for hours.

Does he make that chattering noise some cats make when they are excited by something like birds?

yes he does, though usually he reserves that for flies or lizards.

Watching birds thru the window can memorize cats for hours. 


From: Judy (DJZMOM)


How fun for you!  And discovering a new source for novelty fabrics.  These are terrific as well as the windmills.

Cathy (cacnurse1)

From: Cathy (cacnurse1)


Those cute novelty fabrics can make up for no breakfast.relaxed