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What to call it, and where to get it - ?   Help... I'm In Search Of

Started Mar-26 by JulietDeltaOscar (fixin2quilt); 887 views.

From: bornblesse2


Try the steam is a link.

My shop does not carry them.  But I sure like mine.

I did think of gluing two quarter-rounds together, but I thought I would be doing a lot of pressing RIGHT on that seam where it was glued together, and I didn't know if it would hold up with being steamed so much.  Hmmm.  Thanks.  

I also thought of doing that -- went to Home Depot (or Lowe's - can't remember which) and found a round pole, then went in search of someone to cut it in half length-wise.  When I *finally* found someone who could help (which wasn't easy), their big custom-cutting saw was broken, and they had no idea when it would be fixed.  I knew it would be a difficult task to do, even for a short one.  

Thanks for the suggestion, but I do already have a sleeve roll.  They are firm, but not as hard as those little fabric-covered half-rounds.  

Ellen:  Thanks for the link!  Just what I was looking for.  I couldn't come up with the right combination of words.  ha!  

Thanks for the photos and link.  I have never seen one of those covered with the gray wool felt before!  That is great.  Not what I had envisioned, but still great!  

Of course, I remember when it was still difficult to find gray wool pressing mats that didn't cost an arm and a leg.  I remember my LQS telling me they were selling so fast, they couldn't keep them in stock - that was when they were relatively new, and I couldn't believe the price.  Yikes!  Now you can find them everywhere, for a much more reasonable price.  

CC (ccase5)

From: CC (ccase5)


I've heard them called a Clapper I think.

And "Ewe and Me" - what a cute name for a business that sells wool things!

Thanks - I followed that link and found out that the ONE quilt shop here in San Angelo sells them - wow!  Thanks again.  (I have only been in there once since I moved here, and was not looking for that specific item when I was in there.)  


From: bornblesse2


I had to play a bit to find it, but I was sure it had stick in it!