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Help- Daughter wants Donuts   General Discussion

Started Apr-19 by Sandy in TX (Centergranny); 214 views.

I am making a first birthday quilt for our granddaughter Piper. On her 3 brothers quilts I made cupcakes on one, sundaes on another, Star sugar cookies on the last one.  My daughter asked if I could make a row of about 4-5 donuts for Piper’s.  I’d like them to be about 4 inches in diameter each, and look like real tasty donuts  .  I really could use some ideas. I’d even be willing to appliqué some if anyone has donut fabric!

I recently saw flannel donut fabric at Joanns. I got a quarter yd piece, you are welcome to some but I think they still have it. Yikes, which reminds me I owe Jonna some fabric too. Now what was it....

There is some really cute donut fabric on equilter.  They have this print in two colorways for the background - yellow like this, and a darker royal blue.  Both are very colorful, but it's a relatively large-scale print; it says the larger donuts are about 3.5 inches diameter.  But this is sure a colorful print!

I made a trip to JoAnns. I guess I’m being too picky. I need bright and enough fabric around the donut to needle turn one donut. fearful