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Orange quilt for Judy in Ohio   General Discussion

Started May-5 by JulietDeltaOscar (fixin2quilt); 291 views.

Well, how do you like THIS orange quilt?  This is from last Saturday's Q&A (May 1) on YouTube by Karen Brown of Just Get It Done Quilts.  I don't know if she has talked about this quilt on another video, but I will look to see if she has said anything about it.

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Okay, the "monochromatic orange" quilt is featured in her "No Fail Layer Cake" video: 

And on her blog:


From: judyinohio


Oh, dear, it hurts my eyes!  Can I say that it is too much of a muchness? confoundedcold_sweatstuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes

Here's my idea of orange beauty ... my "Bushels of Oranges" quilt I created in 2004. I did not take the monochromatic route so perhaps that's why I like mine better than I like hers.  (Of course, my camera did not handle all of the oranges very well ... look how orange it made my hair!)

CC (ccase5)

From: CC (ccase5)


I happen to LOVE it. I am still somewhat in an orange mood. finishing up bright quilts from long ago.
and you don't have orange hair= it's flaming red!!!

I think it is the pops of blue that really make that quilt shine! I love orange and blue.


From: judyinohio


Thanks, Ami, for agreeing with my choice of blue cornerstones. I joked that since my blue eyes went with my orange hair it was an OK choice. Since the quilt is now stored high on a shelf here's kind of a close-up of the perfect sashing fabric I was able to find ... a batik with orange freckles on black. 

And look at those odds and ends of oranges I still have left over on the shelf below the finished quilts. Egads, they breed at night! 

In an effort to use up some of my stash of orange fabrics in 2004 I pieced the backing of my "Bushels of Oranges" monster. I have sworn off purchasing that color because I have a lifetime supply thank you very much.


From: latterberry


I remember you showing that quilt!  Thanks for sharing again.  Fall colors like oranges, golds, and browns are my favorite colors, so that one fits right in.  What colors are you going with your dots and dashes pattern?


From: judyinohio


What colors are you going with your dots and dashes pattern

Just about every color but no pastels ... mostly brights and darks like it shows in the picture.

I ordered what I hope will be the perfect background fabric from Fabric Shack in Waynesville, Ohio and it should arrive today. I wanted a light fabric with texture (not a stark white like I've been using on the "Beads" quilt) and so my fingers will be crossed as I open that Priority Mail envelope. disappointed_relieved 

I put "Dots" in their search engine and got 37 pages of hits so I had quite a bit of searching to do before I found the one I wanted on about the 33rd or 34th page. stuck_out_tongue

Cathy (cacnurse1)

From: Cathy (cacnurse1)


I like yours better also.  The different shades of orange and the sashing with the pop of blue really make it.