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Dee: Cute pattern, maybe good for I SPY   General Discussion

Started May-24 by JulietDeltaOscar (fixin2quilt); 716 views.

Found this photo on one of the Tula Pink FB pages.  I love it in these Tula Pink fabrics, but thought it might also be cute for an I SPY pattern.  Only information I have is that the focus fabric squares are 8.5 inches unfinished.  But it looks to me like you could start with any size focus squares you like, depending on however many blocks you want to make - 26 for an I SPY?  And the Square in a Square blocks are very easy to make too.  (With the 8.5 inch focus squares dictating the size of all the other blocks, the quilt is supposed to finish at about 80 X 80 - just going by the discussion on the page.  The pattern creator (Henrik Müller) posted this photo and said that he is trying to get the pattern out next week, but didn't say where it would be available.  But it looks like it would be easy to figure out.  (I do like to patronize pattern creators, but honestly, some of them make it so difficult to find information on price and purchasing!)

Anyway, whether anyone intends to purchase it or replicate it, enjoy the photo that the pattern designer himself posted:

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After doing a little bit of looking around, it looks like if/when he does have a pattern for it, it will probably be in his etsy shop:  



From: bornblesse2


Now that is a fun layout,  and I can image it in I Spy fabrics, or even scrappy.

thanks Lynne.  That would work well in novelties. 

sorry, meant Jonna!  Usually it's Lynne that sends me ideas smile

just saw this one, kind of similar in that it uses modified square in a square.  I like the idea that you don't have many points that need to match.  The maker said the pattern name was Dizzy Daisy - looks like it's from Missouri quilt company


From: latterberry


Ooooo.... I like that one!  Wish I was better at making the square in a square block.  Mine tend to come out wonky.


From: latterberry


Oh my-- another lovely inspiration.  You gals are are keeping my "one of these days"  list going!

I have the same problem with square in a square. I made a plexiglass template with a sharpie that I use to trim them down. That works pretty well


From: latterberry


Good idea--I'll have to try that.


From: Midkid5


Are you aware that there is square in a square paper on a roll HST paper?  I've not used it.