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rainbow jelly roll   General Discussion

Started Jun-4 by Dee in TX (DBRADFOR3); 131 views.

I can't find the thread on jelly rolls so starting another.  I have several ombre fabrics I've been scratching my head on how to use.  I love the white she used.  The pattern is caalled Birchbark by Huner studios

Oh, I like that.  Do 4 turns of a jelly roll race, so you have one long strip set of 8 rows, and then chop it into 4 equal sections, and then chop off 1/3 of each of those sections, and turn the small 1/3's 90 degrees, sew those back together, and then sew the 4 long pieces together.  Voila!  A nice variation on the jelly roll quilt.  I also like THIS "stitch and slice" jelly roll quilt variation.  Jenny Doan also did a similar design, but with curved "slices" instead of zig-zags.