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Question for Dee - not quilt-related   General Discussion

Started Jun-18 by JulietDeltaOscar (fixin2quilt); 216 views.

Hey, Dee.  I sent you a message by FB Messenger, but not sure you will see it, so cross-posting here.

You know next week we will be having our family reunion in Weatherford.  My sister in Kentucky is wanting to get some really good Mexican food while they are here.  I told her I would ask you about the best Mexican restaurants in Weatherford "and vicinity."  Daddy always said he never did really know where "Vicinity" was.  haha   I say I wouldn't mind driving to "Vicinity" if there is a good restaurant there.  haha  Anywhere in or around Weatherford would be good.  It's a good thing we scheduled the reunion for next weekend, because I think we just missed the Peach Festival by a couple of weeks.  

I'm not Dee and I am sure she will tell you the name of the place, there is a great Mexican place that we went to with Dee and her DH several times.

Thanks.  We have a favorite place in Dallas where we have gone for years, but we really don't want to drive that far out in the middle of our reunion weekend.  It's just not convenient.  But I know there are good Mexican restaurants everywhere, so looking forward to it.  (There is some really great Mexican food here in San Angelo - restaurants and also Mexican street food!)



Well you know Mexican food is in the mouth of the beholder.  But our favorite is Antonios  - it is on Santa Fe trail just off the interstate.  They have the Best chips & salsa in our opinion.  Great prices & fast service.  They also can handle large groups pretty easily (call ahead and they'll usually set aside a large table in the back).   We also really like Rio Mambo which is on South Main street about half way to the square (bit fancier).  I know others really like Oaxaca and Los Vaqueros but they aren't my favorites.  Yes, the peach festival is the 10th.  They didn't have it last year so I'm guessing it will be especially packed this year.

that was Rio Mambos - the best place when it's cool enough to sit outside and have a beer or marquerita - but it's wAAAY too hot now.  Summer finally got here last week, we were near 100 this week and humid from all the rain this last month.

Thanks.  I will give them the info, and I'm sure we'll eat at at least one of them.