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Grand old lady quilted this weekend   Show and Tell

Started Jul-6 by Dee in TX (DBRADFOR3); 488 views.

This quilt top was found in a closet of my cousin's 98 year old aunt - the sister of my father's sister in law. Cousin's daughter in law added the border blocks using her mother's stash of reproduction fabrics and I quilted this weekend. Cousin's daughter is going to keep on her bed. How's that for a very extended Family effort. The aunt is thrilled someone finally finished the quilt - estimated to have been made shortly before WW2. Names embroidered are sisters and female cousins now all dead except the one remaining sister. I was proud to be part of saving this lovely grand old lady. And didn't the borders added work wonderfully? I couldn't believe how well they matched - many of the original fabrics are feed sacks as is the background of the original blocks. We decided that the stains equated with age spots.blush


From: Midkid5


Lovely, what a special piece of history.  Sure hope a label is going on this quilt.


the cousin who is keeping the quilt did a bunch of genealogy research to get the details of the names.  They are planning on putting a large label with that information as well as the history of the quilt.  They did a bunch of work and don't want to lose the info.


From: judyinohio


Wonderful, wonderful.

Family heirloom, indeed, and all of the "modern workers" should be very tickled that they have preserved the work of the long-gone ladies who embroidered and started this quilt so many years ago.

Viola Nelson and Delores Nelson and the others are smiling down on you ...

I would like to think so.  This was my aunt, she died just a few weeks before her 100th birthday.  Her sister may make it to hers.   I think Aunt Marcel would be proud of us.  I don't know that these ladies actually worked on the quilt though.  The names all appear to have written by the same person (same hand writing).  The blocks may have been pieced by a couple of people, one experienced, another less so, based on the workmanship.  The top was In amazingly good shape given the age.  We put an extra layer of muslin in the sandwich to help support and stabilize it.  The quilting isn't consistent with the era, but we decided this fell in the category of done is better than perfect.


That reminds me of the quilt I recently posted on FB that had embroidered autographs of my Mom, Me-Ma, aunts, cousins and others, some of whom I never knew but have heard their names all my life.  My quilt is not in really bad shape, but it could use some repair and restoration, where there has been some color bleeding and fabrics that have shredded.  Interesting how many of the fabrics have held up very well, but certain others have just disintegrated under the same circumstances.  It really needs some new batting in a few places, but I am loathe to remove any of the hand-quilting that was done by them so many years ago.  And of course, the single-fold muslin binding needs to be replaced.  These old quilts are so sweet.  

Oh, and the background muslin could also use some brightening up.  This is just one of the dozens of photos I took to document every block.    

Pirate (PIRATE_SR)

From: Pirate (PIRATE_SR)


That's an amazing story!  What a lovely piece of history and you were part of it!

Suze (casuzenn)

From: Suze (casuzenn)


awesome! love that it is FINISHED after all these years....

Since the quilt was made by different generations I would say the quilting you did was fine. I am sure the older generation would all approve. What a great heirloom!


From: latterberry


What a wonderful quilt and story!  You should feel proud of participating in the history of that lovely quilt.