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I spy stash fun hunting   General Discussion

Started Jul-14 by Dee in TX (DBRADFOR3); 524 views.

As most of you know I always put all the letters of the alphabet in my I spy quilts  (a for apple, b for ball, etc).  Over the 4th of July weekend my quilting cousin was visiting and asked me about a project she was considering.  She is a reading teacher for special needs kids, teaching them to read in small groups when they are struggling.  She teaches using word sounds and asked if I had fabrics for making small placemat sized word sound mini-quilts.  Definitely!  So she made list from memory for those words she uses and we went searching.  I was very proud, the only ones I didn't have were Igloo (that short "I" sound) and Rabbit (odd that I didn't have any bunnies) and Goat.  We went to Gibson's and found a wonderful goat but still no rabbits.  And no idea where we'd find Igloo - she's going to drawing one.   I was tickled to get to share some fabrics with her that I've had for a while but didn't get to use often, either because the picture was large (large ship) or just never fit in a quilt (dice for that long I sound - I didn't have mice but I did have dice).  It was fun looking at my fabrics differently rather than just the 1st letter.  And even more fun that she's going to do the sewing.  smile

I just typed in igloo fabric in my browser and went to image and found several fabrics on various etsy shops. Some had fun polar bears and such as well. The word sound sounds like a really cool idea.

CC (ccase5)

From: CC (ccase5)


that sounds wonderful. i wish she could help teach my oldest grandson. He is so hard to hear him, he tends to whisper most of the time. His Mom isn't much help and he needs so much. One day he will hopefully find a great teacher like your cousin. Have fun!!!

she is basically what we used to call a Special Ed teacher, but she goes around to other classes and pulls out the special needs kids for specific reading instruction.  She really loves her job, very gratifying to see them learn.  But she doesn't have to keep an entire classroom under control, kind of the best of all worlds.  And she gets paid more than a standard teacher - pretty sweet deal.

I did have penguins.  and polar bears, but no igloos.  I was just tickled how many I did have already when we got to digging.  Like a Ship.  I had sail boats and row boats.  But I also had a piece of fabric that had some ships that looked like cruise ships that she said was perfect.  She was looking for large pictures, not small scatter prints.  And pictures where there wasn't a bunch of other things that would compete for attention.  It was like a scavenger hunt, pulling out stuff for her to pick the best - I think I had at about 10 apple fabrics.

I've also found several Christmas fabrics on ebay that have igloos, but most of them are so busy with other Christmas stuff.  AND people who sell FQs on ebay do charge a premium price.  But if you are looking for a very specific thing like igloos, and you are making something for someone special, I could justify this price.  But eeeek!  Price per FQ, wow. 


From: Midkid5


Guessing she was very appreciative of the fabric.  Just think of how much  easier it was to go thru your stash rather than having to search on line or a bunch of stores, than having to purchase a lot more fabric than she needed.


Cathy (cacnurse1)

From: Cathy (cacnurse1)


Dee in TX (DBRADFOR3) said:

She teaches using word sounds and asked if I had fabrics for making small placemat sized word sound mini-quilts

I'm sure it made you feel good to contribute to her project.  Are you seeking the missing sounds?  I'd be happy to look.