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Check out this LQS, so close to me!   General Discussion

Started Jul-21 by JulietDeltaOscar (fixin2quilt); 575 views.

I can't believe I have lived here a year and did not know about this place - less than a half hour from me!  I gotta go there soon. 

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AND the "Power Tools With Thread" lady who is interviewing her has a shop near San Antonio.  I found her through a YouTube video - she has TONS of them.



From: Judy (DJZMOM)


WOW!!!  I agree about that being a unique shop.  I'd love to go and spend time there too.  And over 300 backing fabrics.  Whew!  If you can't find one to work for your quilt then it isn't made.

Got to put her on my "destination someday" list!!!  Thanks for sharing.



From: judyinohio


Looks like a very dangerous place to visit, Jonna.  LOL 

Better have a fixed budget in mind or you will blow a fortune in that shop. 

Thanks for sharing your local treasure ..

Especially as she has so much WOOL stuff!  

well I think you need to do some in-person investiating!

AND I forgot to say -- she has a website where she sells the quilt backing fabrics - 108 and some 118 inches!  She puts those on her website because there is such a high demand for wide backing fabrics that can be ordered online.  But she doesn't list her other fabrics or very many other things.  She has much more stuff in her shop than she has on the website.  It's a remarkable amount of stuff, considering that it's a one-woman operation, with lots of help from her husband Jerry.  She does a little bit of everything, including painting and polymer clay, in addition to all the other dyeing, weaving, etc.  She also said that if you see something in the video that's not on the website, you can e-mail her and she will work with you to see if she has it or can get it for you.  I don't think she has the special ruler on her website.  I think I need one of those.  LOL    


From: judyinohio


No, the special ruler wasn't on her website and I went to her Etsy shop and looked there, too. Probably doesn't want to overwork poor hubby with too many orders.

I might deputize you to go shopping for that ruler for me. I've never tried making a Disappearing Nine Patch. You could get me into trouble if you found the ruler and arranged for me to get one ....

Cathy (cacnurse1)

From: Cathy (cacnurse1)


Wow! A great shop and an interesting lady.  I'd love to go.  Have to see if this year's road trip brings us to the area.