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more fun with Donna Jordan   General Discussion

Started Aug-25 by Dee in TX (DBRADFOR3); 552 views.

browsing around I found this video from Jordan Fabrics and it really appealed to me.  It's a basic ohio star, but she did it with "floating" points, so you don't have to worry about chopping them off.  Also she has laid out the cutting for either a single noodle or a 10 x 10 square in the pattern - basically done all the brain work.  Since it's constructed block by block it is almost a 2 fabric quilt, at least within each block.  I think I might try it for using up some larger scraps.  kind of a compromise between scrappy and a two color easy piecing.


From: bornblesse2


I really like that layout!  That could be pretty in many different color ways!

I thought it would be a good compromise between scrappy and a two color quilt.  I think the squares work out to be a bit odd sizes, she never gives finished sizes - which I'm not sure I'll be comfortable with.  But I thought I might try one block her way - I know she targets her patterns for people who use precuts and don't want to do the math.

Oh Dee, you’ve just shown me the pattern for the 4th wedding quilt I need to make. I’ve made 2 so far and have two more to do so each of my grandkids will have a wedding quilt, even if I’m not around. That as hubby’s idea!  I love this pattern and it was free! I’ll just have to increase the number of blocks! 

glad to share the ideas.  There are lots of free patterns on her site, along with videos for how she makes them.

Sandy, here is another one that looks cool but would be easy - I saw it at the show last week.  It's just a simple 9 patch but made with 4 HST.  You wouldn't have to add the circles.  You can make it one block at a time and just enlarge as you want, as long as  you keep the darks/lights in the right place.


when I zoomed in I realized she had added little pinwheels in the corner - not sure I'd do that as they kind of get lost.  If you made the HST using the method of drawing the line across an oversized square and sewing on either side, it would only take 2 square, then you'd have 4 hst.  and the other squares are just plain.  The pattern is all accomplished by placement of the darks/mediums/lights.

Ohhh I like this too. Thanks for the idea