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What do you do with all of the quilts you make?   Quilting Swaps - Unsewn

Started Oct-27 by latterberry; 1470 views.

From: tuckyquilter


Snowball Express is a huge all expenses paid Christmas Party that the Gary Sinise Foundation does for children who have lost a parent in a war zone.  I think it's American Airlines that flies the remaining parent and all the children to a location, (usually Disney World) and the foundation pays all the expenses.   Gary Sinise is a one man honor the Military kind of fellow.   The sewing group "Ojai Church of Christ Comfort Quilters" have funds constantly being donated so we have the $$ to ship to the foundation.

Quilts must be 45" x 60" minimum.  They prefer Patriotic colors.  Also they don't want fabric that represents a specific branch, USMC, Army etc.

How is life going in Tennessee?  I've been looking at homes in the southern part of the state, down by Chattanooga.  I don't want to be to far north as I'm not big on snow & massive amounts of cold.  Any good quilt shops near you?  Quilt Guilds?