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Christmas projects   General Discussion

Started Nov-19 by NanaSuz; 418 views.

From: NanaSuz


Hi Everyone,

I watched the Donna Jordan tutorial that was new this morning. She made a very cute Christmas pillow. Got me wondering about this group and how you are coming with Xmas projects?

It's hard to believe it is that time of year already. I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.


Her pillows would be even better if she would fix those pointy corners!  JMO, don'tcha know?


From: NanaSuz


Juliet, I guess she was trying to show that even "professionals" need to be careful with their stitching. Are you working on anything special for Christmas?

My big project is a quilt for my grand daughter. She is graduating this year and plays the flute in the band. I made her a quilt with flute fabric from Spoonflower.

What are some of the others in this group working on for Christmas? 

Nana Suz


From: Contraryqltr


I'm making fabric ornaments (stars) and crocheting tops on holiday towels to hang in the kitchen on the over door.  Kohl's had their 2 pk of holiday kitchen towels on sale and I cut them in half & can get 4 gifts out of one pk, which, on sale, was around $3.50-$4.00.  I'm trying to make everything this year instead of getting stuck like last year waiting for orders that come after Christmas!! 

I'm making aprons for a few friends and table runners for others.  Also putting together memory books thru Walgreen's, which prints right in the store for in person pick up (last year I used their mail service for a memory book and it came in MARCH!!!).  These will be for the grandchildren.

I moved this year in June, and everything got pretty much put in the basement willy-nilly, so I am not even sure what I have - I shop throughout the year so I probably have everything - just a matter of finding it!

And may you have a blessed Thanksgiving!

Mary in Michigan


From: NanaSuz


Mary,you sound like a busy beaver. I love your Christmas ideas on top of moving!!!!

We moved into a condo several years ago and I'm still hunting for things that I remember having at some point.

By the way, I am from Ohio and I know how cold it can get in Michigan in the Upper Peninsula. We have family there.

You have a wonderful Thanksgiving.