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Design shown in Facebook, but pattern not available.   Help... I'm In Search Of

Started Jan-25 by Dippledock; 819 views.

From: Dippledock


Facebook had a article about a quilt pattern called Dancing Ribbons. In article it had a address where pattern would be available, but when clicked on it takes you to a "Sorry this page is no longer available." Searching on Google takes you to Pintrest, AQS, and Cindy Rae Richards designs, all of which do not have the pattern. I have to make this wallhanging. I am 82 yrs old, and dont often find something that really makes me want to make it. Anyone have any other ideas where a guy can look????

Can you tell us the FB page where you found it, so we can go look?  Or can you provide a photo?  That would be most helpful.  

Well, I see a lot of pictures of it online, especially on Pinterest.  Many of the links on Pinterest take you to blogs with photos.  But as you said, the APQS link doesn't take you to the free pattern.  The first thing I would consider is contacting APQS directly to see if the pattern is still available - for free or maybe now, a pattern you could purchase.  The other thing I thought about is using some of the photos that are available online, draw out your own paper piecing pattern.  (When I first saw it, I knew it was a paper piecing pattern, but the size of the wedges look really manageable.)  I would draw out my own pattern, using my wedge ruler for the basic shape of the wedge, and be sure to add seam allowances between the wedges. 

There is a chance you might find it somewhere on line, but it might be a very long search ending in no results, and might be a frustrating waste of time.  If APQS can't help you, I believe your best bet would be to make your very own PP pattern.  If you don't know how to do that, or have never done paper piecing before, I would consult your local quilt shop and see if they could help you.  They might have someone who could give you a paper piecing lesson. 

Good luck!  

Here is a good photo of the paper-piecing wedges and you might be able to use this to make your pattern(s).  It looks like there are TWO different wedges, and you can see how they go together.  This is about the best photo I found of the pattern itself.  

wow, that's quite a design.  How experienced are you with paper piecing?  Unless you are pretty comfortable with that method of piecing, I would not try it, even if you find the pattern.

Unless he could get some personal guidance from someone who has experience with paper piecing -- or if he is good at learning the technique from YouTube videos and then hands-on trying it himself.  Depends on what kind of learner he is.  I do hope he gets somebody to help him in person.     


From: judyinohio


I see that as a breeze to paper piece as long as you have a good set of colored pencils to color in the design before you start.

I used to make Karen K. Stone's wonderful paper pieced designs back in the 1990s and part of the fun of working on her patterns was planning my color choices and then coloring them on the foundations.


From: MelRN


Has it as a download. I was able to download the PDF, see attached.

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From: Dippledock


THANK YOU  thank you thank you.... I know several of the members that answered my inquiry figured I didnt know anything about paper piecing, and I guess that could be interpreted from my question. My wife and I operated our own full service quilt shop for over forty years, and have had a lot of practice designing and drawing both paper pieced and pieced quilt blocks and quilts. I know I could have designed and drew the pattern for myself, but at my age I thought it would be much easier to get a ready made. LOL

Thank You again.