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Who likes hand sewing?   General Discussion

Started Mar-24 by MelRN; 1731 views.

From: MelRN


That's how I am...I have arthritis in hands and carpel tunnel so it hurts too much. :) I totally get it.


From: bornblesse2


I am always greatful when you help out on those bindings when you come, JOnna!  Especial this year when you and Ami finished up the edges on the quilts for Denise’s family!  That was a lot of work we got accomplished for them!

i like hand sewing!  I enjoy sewing down my bindings - although most of my charity ones I do by machine.  I dabble in EPP, and I even hand pieced a couple of my last DJ blocks and found I enjoyed doing that!

at times, I have to limit the time I can hand stitch if it activates my arthritis.   But love to have hand work I can pick up to do - esp when I go places.

my cousin stitches (and tats) in church.  But I tend to want to hold it up close to my eyes.  I think if I could keep it in my lap it wouldn't distract others.  But I know I'm so easily distracted, I don't want to distract others.  Plus I still have that small child fear that the preacher is going to call me out in front of everyone.  I can still see my parent's double GLARE from the choir while I sat by myself on the 2nd row - talk about "the fear of God" - phew!  

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CC (ccase5)

From: CC (ccase5)


I have a squeeze thing for my hands. it is shaped like a triangle, with a metal loop at the top and two handles with foam covers. I use both hands to squeeze it but it does help my hands a lot. Just forget to use it as often as I should. You might look into something like that. i got mine at a store that happened to sell exercise items.
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From: tuckyquilter


NO to hand sewing.  Avoid it at all cost.

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From: Contraryqltr


I'm in the "no" category.  Does anyone remember the Jerry Seinfeld episode where he meets the perfect woman EXCEPT . . . she had MAN hands?  It was so so funny.  Mine don't look like man hands, but their ability to do hand sewing of any sort except the occasional cross stitch or crochet makes me feel like I have man hands!  I don't know what it is but I just can't get my hands to be precise with that sort of thing.

My other problem is that I lose interest if it's too big of a project.  I haven't crocheted or done cross stitch in several years.  I like doing both and am able to if the crochet is with worsted weight or higher and the cross stitch is not too tiny, but both have to be for small projects because I get bored too easily with it.

Mary in Michigan

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I began by being a hand piecer on every part of every quilt and changed over to machine piecing much later and also machine quilting. I still love needle turn applique. I also still enjoy hand piecing but doing it by machine is much faster as is quilting. I do still hand turn all my bindings.........working on one right now.

I always take notes on the sermon in church. Keeps my mind on what is being said and also keeps my hands busy.

I would be happy to do binding again when I come to retreats early. Sitting with handwork and being able to chat is always a good thing.

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From: Shyraz


I love hand stitching, be it EPP, appliqué, piecing or binding.  I go to a fair few stitching events so hand work is always ready to pick up and take with me.  I also love my sewing machine.  So at home it’s machine work, and everywhere else it’s hand work.

Sharon in Melbourne, Australia