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suggestions for hand applique workshop   General Discussion

Started Oct-23 by Dee in TX (DBRADFOR3); 705 views.

I was asked if I would lead a "small" workshop on prepared edge hand applique (5-6 people).  I've only participated in 2 workshops before so I'm not sure how to approach this.  Anyone have any suggestions and/or warnings based on their participation in classes?

Here is what I do:

Have some samples

Supply list given before they arrive that includes everything they need

Class handouts to refer to once they go home to include needed information

Keep the project simple and be prepared for some rebel that goes a different direction just let them because they will anyway

Walk around while they are working and give input, instruction and feedback (all effort is good)

Don't let anyone monopolize your time and attention 




Ami_Quilts (sewingupasto) said:

Keep the project simple and be prepared for some rebel that goes a different direction just let them because they will anyway

Ha Ha, she is talking about me!!!

I used to teach a lot of sewing and quilting classes when we lived in WA 20 plus years ago. The worst rebel going their own way,: It was a stack and whack class and there were 3 sessions a week apart. So they all show up for the first class and there were 6 or 8 of them a full class. Well one lady who was a new quilter was bragging that she was an interior designer and she was going to make her pieces half the size. Every step of the way she was trouble. She did not bring a fabric that was recommended on the supply list. She had trouble cutting her tiny pieces, she had even more trouble sewing them. Then she complained that all the blocks were not the same.....duh!!! We had gone over that as being a feature of the quilt and there was a sample quilt hanging in the store with the class description. Every class she tried to monopolize all my time and I struggled to make sure the other students got my time as well. Everyone else loved their quilts but she hated hers. I wish I had just told her from the get go that maybe this class was not a good fit for her expectations.

Now you...I am sure on your best effort would not cause that kind of trouble ;)




Ami_Quilts (sewingupasto) said:

Now you...I am sure on your best effort would not cause that kind of trouble ;)

Ha Ha, I would have to work at it to get to that level!  I probably would also have told her to move along!!

re simple - they want me to make it an advanced applique class and teach one of the Judy Craddock designs that I used for my Dee's place wall hanger.  I'm a little nervous about something that complex.  The group will be small & held at my house.  I was going to have them do the vinyl overlay and pick one flower to do the freezer paper templates.  then place & glue them and hopefully then near the end of the day do some stitching.  As long as there aren't any beginners does that sound do-able?

I was going to provide the vinyl & freezer paper, glue etc.  But have them purchase the PDF pattern they wanted to do, bring their background and scraps for the applique.

As long as you have a good amount of time for each step that the slower ones can do the required to move to the next step and overall class time is enough time to get started on that last step. You can also use the word confident beginner in the class handout. Just saying the word confident should weed out most that will need too much handholding on very basic stuff.

Having supplies for them helps as well. Be sure to include all other supplies on the list that you are not supplying even things that are obvious like thread etc.

I am sure your class will turn out great, you know your stuff and you are great at explaining things.

thanks for the vote of confidence. relaxed


From: bornblesse2



I remember a feathered star class with a student I knew….she liked to do her work ahead of class so she could social!  Lol….I told her this was a step by step class and everyone had to do the Star I had chosen from the book!

so what happens class 1?  She comes with her tiny HSTs made her way.  I quickly informed her that I was NOT prepared to teach step 2. the evening was filled with working everyone thru  the HST method and very happy with their results.

my student?  She was forced to listen, read ahead, and by the end….she said “ now I see why we did a different method.  I may go home and remake mine!”

student need to listen to their teachers….