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Fabric Search Engine   General Discussion

Started Jan-13 by BlueThimble (BluuThimble); 446 views.

Hi, I haven't been here for a while, but I was sure that someone would know the answer to my question.  I wanted to find a fabric I had bought within the last 3 years, and when I tried to get to my trusty old fabric search engine,, the site had been replaced by with no search engine. had a fantastic search engine, and it was possible to find any fabric through search terms such as colour, designer, manufacturer, pattern, etc.  Thumbnails would pop up from many different shops, and it was quite easy to find what one wanted.

Do any of you know what happened to, and does anyone have a search engine to recommend?  Through Google I was able to find only shops with an internal shop search.  Thanks for reading my query.



From: Contraryqltr


I always use Google.  So far, it has served me well.


Thank you for the suggestion!  When I first washed and ironed the fabric I am now looking for, I cut off the selvedge because I save them for other projects.  Now I cannot find the selvedge with all of the relevant information.  I suppose that I put it in a "special place" so that I wouldn't lose it!  Bryn

Another good suggestion - thank you!  Bryn


From: tuckyquilter


I google IF I know the name/make of the fabric.  I now take a photo of the selvage info for my records.  

Makes it much easier to search for a fabric if I need more.