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how much?   General Discussion

Started Jan-17 by MelRN; 740 views.

From: MelRN


How much fabric do you buy if you don't have a use for it yet?

Do you buy separate fabric for backing?


Mel: only buy if I have a use, typically. And I don't buy separate for backing. I have leftovers from stuff my parents found for me, or sheets from Goodwill, which make great backings!

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Cathy (cacnurse1)

From: Cathy (cacnurse1)


If I don't have a use for it yet but I really like it I buy 1 1/2 YD.  Usually perfect to back most of my charity quilts.

I don't usually buy separate backings unless I make a big quilt that needs the extra wide backing.  I usually have something that will work in my stash for backs.

I'm working on using my stash and completing UFO's.

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From: Contraryqltr


I usually get 2 yds if I love it.

My LQS has been donating twin sized quilts for almost a year now, so I've been buying wide fabs for the backings.  My LQS does not sell the wide backings, so I've found some good online places for reasonably priced backings.  I'll be glad when we go back to lap size!


Connecting threads has great wide backings and it is regularly on sale.  I buy it to use for piecing, as well as backing.  A little bit of a pain to deal with the double width but it sure does make the price par yard low.  Just checked, their wide backing is on sale 20% off.  I recommend the backing that is their brand, it seems to be nicer than the "name brands" I've purchased.  It's also usually less $$.


From: YDritch


That's a lot, Dee.  I just visited their site and you cost me some money!


From: Contraryqltr


They are one of my go to places for backings when they have their 20% off sales.  I also like Old Country Store, I Need Fabric, and Musqueen Fabric.


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From: tuckyquilter


Two Yards.  that way I at least have enough for most projects.