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money!   Help... I'm In Search Of

Started Jan-31 by MelRN; 210 views.

From: MelRN


Ok, the title is kinda a joke. But seriously...when I started quilting, just over 20 years ago, fabric at LQS was $8ish. Now it's like $14ish. I just priced out 3 yards for $44 (including shipping) to finish off a kit I had. What the heck?! That's a LOT of money! Even making a nurse's wage, I'm not rolling in dough...

How do you guys keep up? I try to mostly work from stash, and just supplement as needed, but even that can be faulty cause what I bought a decade ago isn't my taste anymore. LOL!!!!

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it is NOT a cheap hobby - though it can be if you shop estate sales, garage sales, etc.  But I'd rather spend my time sewing than bargain hunting.  I like getting the connecting threads wide backing to use as background.  And I do have a healthy stash.