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Lefties?   General Discussion

Started May-6 by MelRN; 495 views.

From: MelRN


Watching a tutorial and realized Jenny Doan is a leftie. I was a school teacher so it's no big for me to mirror or whatever. But I know some people it's hard to change. Got me to lefties feel at a disadvantage when watching righties' tutorials? Just curious and no dis of course!

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I had a hard time learning how to hand applique until I found a teacher who could demonstrate left handed. Mirroring did not work for me! When I started teaching, I practiced how to applique and embroider right handed good enough so I could demonstrate for right handed stitchers.


From: MelRN


I'm impressed! I can do a lot of things but something I'm not good at with my dominant hand would be really tough to do with my non!!!

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Kay Ahr (KayAhr65)

From: Kay Ahr (KayAhr65)


I don't have any issues with sewing or quilting.  Crochet patterns are a problem for me though.  I guess I knit right-handed.


From: MelRN


I think it's interesting to see how differently different minds process things :D 

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I'm actually somewhat ambidextrous. The school didn't have left handed scissors when I started going, so I learned how to use right hand scissors in my right hand. Most of the time, I can adapt, but the hand applique just didn't click until I saw an appropriate demo. Ah, the days before youTube and online videos!