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Valley of the Sun Quilters   Off-Topic Chat

Started 8/20/15 by KSCarolyn; 2409841 views.

From: sueinIL


I called it "filing by piling.". A couple years when I was teaching, I had to stack all my hand-outs against the walls of my way-too-small office. 

Sue in IL


From: lppenguins


Almost 80 years young!  


From: lppenguins


Ok you really are a desert rat!  Lol

we used to do the same!  It was a 15 min walk from the house to the town pool. Mom was sick and tired of buying us new sandals so she would tell us “ok you need to lock up your shoes” we’d forget and stolen again. Then she gave us stricter rules, well we just didn’t wear shoes, ever. We would run from patch of grass to patch of grass or use the corner of our towels to stand on for a break. 
hated shoes, still do, but now I have to even wear the flip flops inside, the floors to hard on my back. 
if we got really hot we’d just run up in somebodies yard and turn on the hose and cool down. 


From: lppenguins


I sure hope the treatments are getting easier as you go. I have seen how hard those are with my Grandmother with the same illness.
But your a trooper like she was.  She did ok until they told her her life expectancy was 6 months. That just made her mad, well she outlived that by over 11 years!  She said the Lord was the only one with that information. 

I didn’t have to have the spinal test thank goodness.  It sounds like you’re holding your own right now. Lots of prayers my friend. ;0)

Suze (casuzenn)

From: Suze (casuzenn)


oh this is very weird...did you notice my name on the forum changed? not sure how or why...I haven't even signed off  or on for a long time!! - ***wait...when I came out right...but you replied to SuzeN1?? sigh...gremlins in the forum again...


the treatments are really kicking me...I have been very lethargic and super dizzy since last Thursday...all I really want to do is sleep. I am in cycle 4...

I did email my MM doc and he said I was ready for the Stem Cell Replacement...oh lordy...I am SOOOO not ready for that...they started scheduling me for next I emailed him back and said that was way too soon for that step - I am not even sure I WANT to do that step. So I continue on the same schedule til July when I go to see him...and only after I see what my latest Bone Marrow Biopsy results are will I decide if I want to go thru with it...

And I hear you on the life expectancy...our days are numbered, but only God knows when our expiration is up. Glad your Grandmother outlived the expectancy...

Good that you didn't have to have the spinal test...I have heard those are rough...

Sending prayers for you too..


From: lppenguins


The weirdest part was I noticed your name was different but it had your regular picture so I thought it was you. 

it’s a good thing for you to wait until your appt. and get your result on the bone marrow before the stem cell treatment. You might not need it. But man has technology expanded!!!  Thank goodness it has! Prayers abound. 




lppenguins said:

We would run from patch of grass to patch of grass or use the corner of our towels to stand on for a break.  hated shoes, still do,

ROTFL- yes, we would go down to the Circle K on the corner of Bell Road. Quite a walk, and patches with no grass to stand on.  We would be running by the end.  I still don't like wearing shoes, and will usually go barefoot most of the time.

We also would go in the culvert drains under Black Canyon Highway and see how far we could get before the black widows got too thick. Yes, I was a desert rat for sure!!


From: MelRN


lppenguins said...

hot we’d just run up in somebodies yard and turn on the hose and cool down. 

And that was ok? Now you'd get yelled at for stepping in the yard, some places. But all of your story sounds like television to me. I never left the house without a parent, wore anything but good sturdy tennis shoes anywhere (including the house) and we weren't allowed to go out to play.

Now, tho, I wear shoes a lot inside the house because I get pain if I don't.


From: Dee in TX (DBRADFOR3)


MelRN said:

But all of your story sounds like television to me

makes us sound old, doesn't it.  As our kids were growing up DH & I often commented on how closely we watched our kids vs our childhood.  A few of the things I did I shudder to think of now - riding my bike alone out in the country all day, wandering around town with my best friend, our parents having no idea where we were.   We wouldn't even let our kids walk up the street without watching them.


From: judyinohio


My DD is fifty years old and she has thanked me several times for allowing her and her best girl friend to "free range" (as they call it these days) during their childhood weekends and summers.

DD and her friend Jana (from about age nine or ten) would hop on their bikes and roam the township roads and woods during the early 1980s. They would wander into the outskirts of our city to buy candy bars at the drugstore for lunch and think they were being "wicked". LOL 

Jana grew up to be a civil engineer building roads and bridges; DD is a marketing manager for an airfield  lighting company. DD claims that the freedom they had as children was something that helped them develop their brains.