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What Are You Working On Now?   General Discussion

Started 11/19/17 by MarciainMD; 610799 views.

From: Mishii


Since I'm on 3 weeks of PTO I have been interspersing job applications with finishing up stuff.

I have ripped out super old quilting and redone it, applied multiple bindings and pieced a couple of tops.

I have spent several months staring at Sandy's quilt paralyzed with indecision.  Oh the guilt.  Did a tshirt quilt for my daughter.  Thought it would be cute to sash and border it with denim.  What goes better with tshirts than jeans, right?  Yeah.  Don't do that...or at least don't willy nilly mix up your denim weights.  That was no fun at all to quilt.  Thankfully none of them are quilters and will never notice.

Your longarm challenge sounds like a great idea to get people to try something outta their comfort zone. Consider threads you have never used as well as design. With your talent I am sure yours will be spectacular.

Sounds like you have been a whirlwind of activity and getting things finished. The denim with jeans sounds great and I bet it looks really cool. Idea might be to go to the thrift store and find some lighter weight like shirts made of a lighter denim if you ever do another.

I hope your job hunt lands you a great job as you sure know your stuff and are great at what you do.

Right about now I could sure use you in my sewing room. I went in there this morning and walked right back looks like a tornado whipped thru there. I even have to clean off my 14' table before I can load a quilt because there is stuff from one end to the other and now that I see that in print I realize how much stuff is one there :( I guess I just need to put on my big girl panties and get in there and do some cleaning and think "What would Mishi say to do with this"................nope wait a minute you would likely make me get rid of it. I do really use my stuff though so I guess if I just organize it again it will all be good right?


From: judyinohio


Ami_Quilts (sewingupasto) said:

. I went in there this morning and walked right back looks like a tornado whipped thru there.

Well, that is a very sad state of affairs, isn't it?  Wish I could fly down there on my broomstick and tidy it up for you.

I am very good at pitching stuff, getting rid of things, and thus learning how to make a sewing space a happy space. It comes from years of watching my DM as we moved from city to city as my DF was promoted during his career with S.S. Kresge Co. (later known as Kmart).

It is a learned skill. 

And it is never too late.

Like you wrote ... put on your big girl panties, get some trash bags (or donation boxes) and get ruthless about discarding some of that "stuff" that is messing up your happy space.

(P.S. It's faster to discard than it is to dither about donating.)


From: Mishii


Ami_Quilts (sewingupasto) said:

you would likely make me get rid of it.

Not necessarily.  Depends on why you have it.  Do you want it, need it, or love it?  Then keep it and find it a home.

If you are keeping it out of obligation or a sense of guilt (someone dear to you once owned it or gave it to you, you spent a lot of money on it, you really should want to love it, of course you'll have time to learn tatting, etc.) then get rid of it.

If it has been living in a box/bag/drawer/closet for greater than a year or you forgot that you had's just hard for me to believe that you really love it that much and your life is better with that object in it.  ::shrug::

At least sweep all 14 feet of stuff off the table so you can do something you enjoy for a while!


From: judyinohio


Mishii said:

If you are keeping it out of obligation or a sense of guilt (someone dear to you once owned it or gave it to you, you spent a lot of money on it, you really should want to love it, of course you'll have time to learn tatting, etc.) then get rid of it.

Could we call those categories of stuff  "Conscience Clutter" in that you would have a guilty conscience if you tossed them out?  LOL

You sure hit the ol' nail on the head, Mishii.


From: Mishii


judyinohio said:

Could we call those categories of stuff  "Conscience Clutter"

Sure!  I like that.

There is a difference between Conscience Clutter and sentimental value though.  

I think everyone deserves to be happy in their space.  Some people thrive in a streamlined clutter free environment.  Others are happiest and most comfortable surrounded by ALL the stuff.  You can't switch these people out, they will both be most unhappy.

The problem lies with the happy-in-the-clutter people.  They are made to feel guilty about keeping all the stuff so they constantly think about all the stuff.  How to organize it, how to rearrange it, how to use it, how to acquire less of it, etc.  My beliefs are....if you aren't in danger and you aren't a fire/bug hazard AND you are truly happy with your stuff (this is you Patty), clutter on!

My mother's house makes me insane.  It literally  makes me anxious to be there.  She has stuff everywhere.  Knickknacks, paddywhacks, every single thing any family member ever touched.  It is clean and well organized and a lovely home.  There is just stuff everywhere.  It brings her happiness.  She finds comfort in having millions of photo books and objects her parents, aunts, grandparents, kids, grandkids, cousins and assorted others once owned.  I finally came to terms with, as much as her house makes me nuts, MY house makes HER nuts.  She feels sorry for me because I don't have enough stuff. LOL

People have pressured my parents into downsizing because that is what you are supposed to do.  I finally told her, "Stop it.  Stop talking about it.  You like your house.  You like all your crap.  No, we don't want all your crap and we never will.  You can't downsize because you need 3800 square feet to hold all your stuff.  But again, you LIKE your stuff and your stuff brings you joy.  Quit worrying about what you *should* are eightyfreakingthree years old.  You have earned the right to do what you want.  Buy more stuff!  Whatever. I'll deal with it when I have to deal with it.  You do you Booboo".  She felt much better...except for the Booboo part.  She still doesn't understand why I called her Booboo.

Not sure why I made this ridiculously long post.  I'm on PTO and I have cleaned and organized all my stuff already?  Even the garage looks good.

Anyway....for everyone out there cleaning and organizing, we are behind you!    For those happily surrounded by clutter, we are behind you (and a wall of tubs)!  For Patty - yeah, I support you, but I still want to get my hands on that building.

Well I made great progress in the sewing room. The tornado effect is what happens when you go thru boxes to pull stuff out and don't tidy up as you go. It is not better homes and gardens yet but the longarm table is totally clean and ready, just need to vaccum under it. I also moved my sewing table to make the space work better for me. At least I can go in there now and work on stuff. I will be working on organizing things better this week.

How is your orange quilt comming?

Mishi I did clean the longarm table as well as the sewing table. Today was not about making decisions about what to keep, just making a space I can actually work in. The going thru boxes will take more time. My stash is in a total dissaray and the is part of the problem.............I know I want all my stash but it keeps getting moved all over the country several times and then I want to look for stuff get the picture. I just need to be able to neaten up the boxes it is in. I am hoping this week to do some going thru things and figure it out better. I have already gotten rid of a lot of things, that said I still have so much but I do use a lot of what I have so do not feel like I have to purge a ton. Sewing clothes also means I have a stash for that hobby as well complete with patterns and tools that I need for that which do not apply to quilting. I did get rid of lots of garment fabric a few months ago which I knew I was never gonna want to make something out of. I am sure someone is gonna be thrilled to find that in the thrift store.

Pirate (PIRATE_SR)

From: Pirate (PIRATE_SR)


I'm working on two completely different fronts right now.  It's both satisfying and driving me nuts.

1. I'm prepping more Art Deco blocks so that I have something portable to work on this coming weekend when we are taking off for a weekend trip.  I would go *crazy* if I didn't have any handwork to do both on the drive there & back but also in the evening when we are just sitting in the camp.

2. Heritage scrapbooking.  Yeah, I've been procrastinating on this project for way too long.  I finally collated all the info on one of Mr. Pirate's ancestors.  I also renewed my subscription to and found quite a few MORE articles about the family (and this ancestor in particular) from news articles dated in the late 1800's.  It just astounds me that this sort of stuff is available.  It really fleshes out this (and other) people's lives.  Between the collated info and these newspaper articles, I have successfully made 2 pages for this gentleman, plus in-roads on follow-up pages of supporting documentation.

Unfortunately, this means that I am not making great strides on either hobby.  I'd prefer to focus on just one and produce oodles of work.  But I know from past experience that I get guilty pangs when I do that because I know that the neglected hobby is in status quo.   So, working simultaneously is a workable compromise.