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What Are You Working On Now?   General Discussion

Started 11/19/17 by MarciainMD; 636098 views.

From: Dee in TX (DBRADFOR3)


DD asked if I could make her another therapy vest, to use with her Occupational Therapy kids.  She had bought a couple with buttons & snaps but she wanted one with smaller buttons for the kids to practice with.  After my sister and I tut tut'ed over how poorly the binding was attached on the ones she purchased, I got started.  Wow, It has been a long time since I made any button holes, took me a while to remember how my machine does them. 

It is interesting, she had tried purchasing some shirts for the kids to practice buttoning, but they were very reluctant to put on someone else's shirt.  But they are ok with the vest.  Go figure.  Keep in mind these are home health kids with developmental challenges.  Anyway, it was fun to work on something that will help her at her job.


From: MarciainMD


Nice job Dee!  It's great that you can be involved in your DD's work this way.


From: Midkid5


Dee, glad you could be of assistance to DD.  I like your choice of bright orange and practical grey fabric.



From: Dee in TX (DBRADFOR3)


It is actually navy and red. relaxed  she wanted contrast.


From: latterberry


Cute little vest and how nice of you to be able to do something the help you DD.  It makes you appreciate things when something that is so easy for us to do can be difficult for others.  If you made another one, would it help them if you matched the buttonhole thread to the color of the button?  


From: bornblesse2

11/12/19 has been a while since I’ve done one....and I’m not sure I have done one on my newer machine.


From: Dee in TX (DBRADFOR3)


Re thread color and buttons. I did not ask her. I did ask if she needed the buttons the same color, I did not have 4 of any except blue.  She said not to use blue as it would not stand out.   anything that was a contrast was best.  The "somebody else's" shirts she purchase had white buttons on plaid. The kids had trouble finding the holes.  


From: CozyQuilts


Thank you everyone for the lovely comments on the purses.  Now to finish the second table runner!

Pirate (PIRATE_SR)

From: Pirate (PIRATE_SR)


I think I mentioned that my new current Forever Project™ is needleturn Hawaiian applique blocks in batiks.

However, since that is a long-term project, sometimes I take breaks from it to do short term things.  Case in point: this past October, Judy Akers & I went to PIQF, one of the major quilt shows on the West Coast.  One of the vendors sold sashiko stuff.  I like the simplicity of the designs and, of course, the white on blue coloring.  One kit caught my eye ... and it is neither simple nor white on blue.  <rolls eyes>

So, what was it?  Well, it was a sashiko kit (fabric, thread, needle) about France: the Eiffel Tower and iris flowers.  The tower is in blue and the iris flowers are in red all on a white linen-like fabric .. so you get the blue-white-red of the French flag.   And WHY did this catch my eye?  Next year, towards the end of Spring, middle dear daughter and I are going on a road trip ... to Paris!   So, now, I'm looking at French things.

This kit interested me because it was precisely that: a kit.  It is complete.  The needlework itself is simple: a running stitching in a rather thick thread.  The *kit* said this was a "dishcloth kit" and would finish at 13.5"x13.5".    I really looked at this .. a dishcloth???   Someone is going to put **all that effort** into a dishcloth??   I don't think so.

But at 13.5" square, it's a really awkward size for anything.  But, hey, I bought it anyway.   However, I am NOT going to use it a dishcloth.  Instead, I am stitching it as a quilt square: it has  batting and a backing fabric and I'm using the sashiko thread to do the quilting as I stitch the design.

I don't have the FAINTEST clue of what I'm going to do with it.   In fact, once I started and realized just how small this thing is and how I really do not even like hand quilting (so why did I even buy it?  Cuz it was France, that's why), I'm not terribly interested in finishing it.  Oh, I will because I'm almost done but I'm probably going to let it languish in UFO world until I am hit with a Bright Idea.    I didn't quite think this one through.   Good thing it's not taking that long.




I like that!!!  And going to Paris-how fun!  Did they have any Scottish kits? LOL!!