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What Are You Working On Now?   General Discussion

Started 11/19/17 by MarciainMD; 636368 views.



Cathy (cacnurse1) said:

Obviously I didn't remember.  Mishii was sitting right across from me and I remember her working on the blue quilt for Jetta.  I didn't know what she did after that for relaxation.  I just remember you right there in the area. Sorry  Sharon.  Credit where it is due!

Ha Ha, Mishii doesn't remember doing it either, but I know I didn't do it.  I guess  after the mind numbing blue quilt, she may not have remembered what else she did!!




Cathy (cacnurse1) said:

Judy (DJZMOM) said: Pattern:  "Scooch Over!" by Maple Island Quilts.

  Thansk.  I just asked Ellen for the name of that pattern.  I have just the fabric for it!

That was Schooch Over 1, there is also a Schooch over.  I want to do several also!

Suze (casuzenn)

From: Suze (casuzenn)


it was Viola that did the squares to on point top....hers did not have the same color in the ones that end up as triangles..but it turned out looking beautiful....


From: latterberry


That's funny.  I am working on some pink and green floral blocks right now.  They are 12 inch blocks that I'm quilting and will put together quilt as you go.  I have scads of floral fabric that I took a notion to work on.  I sew a sashing on my quilted blocks and hand stitch them together.  I donate some of my quilts to the cancer center for the patients going through chemo so this one will head that way when finished.

Are you guys in Canada on "shelter in place? So many activities have been curtailed, but we can still go to the grocery store and many other places.  It seems to bring out the good in many people by reaching out to help others, but then there are the ones that cause problems by hoarding and being vocal about what the government should be doing.  It's crazy.  I'm glad I have my quilting hobby to keep isolated and busy.  My neighbor is a very social person with no hobbies and she is going nuts.  

Hi there!

Yes, that's funny, even more so as I've got some 14 in. pink and green floral blocks completed, in a Dutchman's Puzzle design.  Also going to do quilt as you go, but in two columns.  Will involve some hand sewing, but I don't mind that.

Like you, we can go to the grocery store, pharmacy and other "essential" places.  For example:  pet supply stores, dry cleaners, etc.  We can still buy wine, and also cannabis for those who are so inclined.  Mind you, if this keeps up for a month or two, I can see a lot more people heading for the cannabis store ....

Anyone who has a captivating hobby is so lucky at this time.  I too have a neighbor who is going nuts.  She's a school teacher and lives on her own.  No hobbies.  A bit depressed.  I try to get her to walk with me.  She'll be retiring in about 5 years, and was saying that this is making her realize that she'll go crazy when she retires.  I keep telling her that now's the time to actively seek a hobby or two, and start doing it.  That way, she'll look forward to retiring and having more time for her hobby/hobbies.

Looking forward to seeing your green/pink floral quilt !

So glad that I have hobbies! I can see where people without hobbies are going nuts but there are still things to do like reading, cooking, organizing stuff and cleaning, starting a journal, calling your friends, learning something new like a language.

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Mishii said:

The only thing I made at retreat was the quilt from hell.  Ellen sent me home with homework because I didn't finish the other one.



From: Mishii


Sandy in TX (Centergranny) said:



Mishii said:

Find a permanent spot for your Accuquilt

I wish I had a permanent spot for mine. It seems permanently closed up ; (