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What Are You Working On Now?   General Discussion

Started 11/19/17 by MarciainMD; 1020586 views.

Oh Dee, your Kitty quilt is sew cute! I love the way you’ve done the tails.  Is there a pattern name and I missed it? 

Can you use the fabric strips that you put together to cover your hangers? I know you have a lot of that.  The Locker Hooking looks fun.

In some of the instructions, it says to simply whip-stitch over the outside row, using a large tapestry needle.  (But I'm sure there are other ways of doing it too.)  Is that what you did?  

Yeah, those may be just a tad too wide for the locker hooking, but there is always rug weaving.  LOL  And I still have a ton of hangers to cover.  


From: latterberry


I did the second time and it was much easier.  The first time I tried to do the actual locker stitch and it was miserable trying to get through the two squares after I double the row over.


From: latterberry


I did make a wooden frame loom and have made many woven rugs.  They last forever.


From: tuckyquilter


Wow.. made your own loom.  Now that is cool.


From: latterberry


Nothing impressive.  Jut a rectangular wooden frame with nails pounded on two sides.


From: Mishii


I've moved on from masks and now I'm working on neck cooler scarves.

It's over 100 degrees outside, people keep their houses at 80, and my staff is in full PPE all day.  Gloves, N95, face shield, gown.  PPE is still not plentiful and so we get whatever they can get their hands on.  Our last shipment of gowns were the blue plastic ones.  People are having a hard time getting them off because they are stuck to their skin.

Hospitals are better because they keep it at 50 degrees.....we aren't that fortunate, heh.

The best solution so far that I have of my COTAs is putting panty liners in her bra so she doesn't have sweat stains down her shirt.  How inventive and it made me laugh a lot.  Another nurse asked me for the face shield model with windshield wipers because sweat was running down it and obscuring her vision.

I'm kinda over the whole covid thing.  The good news is that these are WAY faster than masks and they are totally reusable so I'm only  making one for everyone.  Woohoo!


From: bornblesse2


So how do you make your cooler scarves?   I might need one....I hate being hot!

how are the Covid counts where you are?   Ours are wildly crazy as stupid people refuse to wear masks and Thinks it’s no big deal.   But now with our counts going crazy, they are getting the idea....but, we keep trying to be safe.