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What Are You Working On Now?   General Discussion

Started 11/19/17 by MarciainMD; 479380 views.

From: judyinohio


So there I am humming along with Lily Aurora, using a new pantograph ("Malachite" by Patternman) on the "Bead" quilt and all of a sudden my laser stylus's light starts going  winky-blinky on me.

I had advanced to the second row and the little red light starts acting all temperamental, PMSing like a hysterical female, now bright red and now mysteriously absent. Okay, twinkles, what's doing on here? Unplug, replug, focus, refocus ...

Call in DH, master electrician of the house, to wave his magic fingers over the problem and he tells me that the wire has gone haywire, so to speak, and it is time to get a new laser stylus for Lily Aurora.


The quilt shop that sold Lily Aurora to me eleven years ago has closed up (owners retired) and when I check the HQ website their store locator page is non-functional. The HQ website is not much help  when it comes to shopping for a laser stylus and so I send a message via their "Help Page".

And now I must wait.

Good thing I have two other projects to keep me busy. You guys who work on multiple quilts at the same time have the right idea.  LOL

It is a holiday weekend ....

The light on my handle bar went out last week. Looks like I can get a replacement at Home Depot. 

I have had pretty good luck with HQ's customer service, give them a call.


From: judyinohio


Becky at HQ's home office in Utah just sent me an email telling me the part number I needed to order (and the price and telephone number to call).  Annie answered the phone at HQ's home office promptly and gave me the cost of shipping, took my credit card information and informed me the light would be shipped on Tuesday.

So now I will happily work on those red and neutrals HST blocks while I wait for my new laser light to arrive.

It is so pleasant to work with a company that doesn't use automated telephone trees ... none of that "press one, press two, press three" monkey business ...

oh that's right, they are in Utah.  Neighbors to Superior Threads.  glad you were able to get what you need.

I worked on several pending projects today - mended DH's torn jeans (somehow the seam below the zipper unraveled).  Also basted the hem on the bridesmaid's dress.  And sewed on the binding on my applique quilt that Ami quilted.  Tomorrow I'll work on hand sewing it down - Geesh, I bet it's been at least 5 years since I hand sewed a binding. 


From: latterberry


Well, that would be nice, wouldn't it?  Highly unlikely, but nice.


From: latterberry


Oh no!  I can imagine your frustration!  It's so annoying when you are expecting things to go smoothly and then they don't.  Then, to top it off you have trouble getting the help you need.  YES, it is good you have a couple of things to work on while you wait.


From: bornblesse2


You never know!  I have 2 quilters that I know that will do a few charity quilts!  I use them regularly, so they are willing to do a charity now and again, when they like the charity.  I try to chose the quilts that really deserve the long armers talents!


From: latterberry


NanaSuz said:

Just once I'd love to see the face of the woman somewhere around the world as she gets my quilt

I know, that would be great wouldn't it?