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What Are You Working On Now?   General Discussion

Started 11/19/17 by MarciainMD; 536645 views.

From: latterberry


Looks wonderful!  You are welcome to come organize my sewing room any time!


From: judyinohio


I like how you used plastic pipe on the table legs to raise the table up so you don't have to bend over while doing your cutting.  Smart move.

The library in downtown San Angelo is a REALLY nice one, and it's a great community resource and center of many activities.  Every few weeks, they set aside their large community event room for crafters who want to come for a crafting get-together day.  Just bring whatever you want to work on, and sit and visit with whoever else comes.  Plenty of room to spread out, as much table space as you need, plenty of electrical outlets, etc.  I have met quilters who do not bring quilting projects, but instead work on needlepoint, embroidery, etc.  There is also knitting, jewelry making, etc.  Yesterday there was one lady making decorations for her son's upcoming wedding, and after she finished that, she worked on some quilt blocks for the quilt she is making for their wedding present.  She is actually the one who works for the library and monitors use of the room and helps people get tables set up, chairs, and whatever else they need.  There is a group of scrapbookers who have kind of adopted me into their group, so yesterday I set up my FW on a table near them and worked on a quilt binding, including making the binding and sewing it onto the quilt.  Those scrapbookers have SO much stuff, I can't believe it.  I suppose if it were fabric instead of paper, their stashes would be almost as big as our fabric stashes.  LOL  

The first photo below is a candid shot somebody took of the corner of the huge event room where we were working.

Then, with regard to the second photo, there was a young lady there with a small group of young teens, and she was giving them some basic sewing lessons, and they were making "fidget blankets" for a nursing home.  I saw a person with a large video camera, and I thought maybe she was videotaping their activity.  But it turns out that the local news was making a little video of them working on the project.  Anyway, I ended up being on the TV news yesterday evening and didn't even know it.  You can't really tell it was me, though - but there I am in the background.  LOL  


From: judyinohio


Sounds like a great use of the "community room".

That is a wild carpet/floor covering in that room.

Pirate (PIRATE_SR)

From: Pirate (PIRATE_SR)


JulietDeltaOscar (fixin2quilt) said:

Those scrapbookers have SO much stuff, I can't believe it. 

You have NO idea.  If you have *any* sort of stash of quilting UFOs, then run, *run*, RUN away from the scrapbookers!  That hobby will suck you in.  If you had a bottomless pit of quilting UFOs, then you have now easily doubled the depth of the pit with scrapbooking ones.

It's a terrible, terrible hobby, I tell ya.  :-)

Nah.  It all looks vaguely interesting, but I am not that attracted to doing that kind of stuff for some reason.  Besides, I already have too much of my capital invested in other "materials."  

Re:  the wild carpet

Yesterday I heard one lady at another table say to another:  "This carpet is good for finding something when you drop it."  Hah!  

Now, I just have to brag a little more about the Tom Green County Library system.  A few years ago, someone who is VERY good at writing grant proposals did just that, and as a result, the library now has an incredible "maker space" known as STEAM Central.  You may know that in schools, STEM = Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics.  And now STEAM = the same thing, but also add in Arts.  When someone first gave me a mini-tour of the STEAM Central space, I was gobsmacked.  First of all, you cannot tell until you actually enter what a HUGE space it is, and it's incredible all the equipment it has available for anyone to use (provided they are a resident of Texas and have a library card, which costs nothing).  For certain things, like the 3-D printers, there is a nominal fee for supplies.  They also have lessons available for just about everything, and those are also free.  You are required to take the lessons for the two long-arm quilting machines before you can use them, but hey -- free longarm lessons!  And you have to reserve one of the machines ahead of time, but then there is no fee for using them.  Just about any equipment to make something, they have it.

This FAQ page concisely describes what STEAM Central is: 

And this is a very short video that gives you just a little idea of what it looks like, but you can't really imagine the scale of the place from the video.  It's just hard to describe.  I wish you ALL could see it. 


And the STEAM Central Facebook page shows way more of what goes on there.