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What Are You Working On Now?   General Discussion

Started 11/19/17 by MarciainMD; 1096082 views.

From: judyinohio


My quilt mojo will fizzle out once I am done with this Kresge Kid quilt top which might happen pretty soon.

DD is coming to visit this weekend for another look-see at the blocks. I think I have run out of block ideas which means it will be time to rearrange the ones I have on the design wall and then think about how in the dickens I am going to assemble this thing.

I have a nice-sized box of "strings" (mostly jelly roll leftovers) that I can use for spacers, etc. like the original Gypsy Wife pattern ...

Well let me tell you Judy we are not the party animals we used to be. It is a much smaller group this year. I asked about the Zoom and they said there was no TV to use and nobody that had the computer savvy to do it.

Love you stories. I remember having to write sentences like that 100's of times.....all it taught me was that the teacher was mean. Ha!

When I cannot see the quilting I turn off the light and set a shop light to shine very low on the quilt and you can see the shadows of where you quilted.

Sorry there is no  Zoom this year.


From: Dee in TX (DBRADFOR3)


Ami_Quilts (sewingupasto) said:

write sentences

I think it did improve my writing.  tho I would always write one word at a time all the way down the page, so I don't think it did much good.

5dogmom (CRISR5)

From: 5dogmom (CRISR5)



You're entertaining me plenty, too!  I love your memories quilt and LOL about your fifth grade teacher story. 

My vendetta was against my 8th grade home ec teacher who made novice sewers (me at the time) pick out everything that wasn't absolutely perfect.  I'm sure there was a special level of hell reserved just for her, and she must certainly be dead by now.  I imagine her being stabbed by demons wielding seam rippers, and I smile.  I attribute the fact that I enjoy sewing to my maternal grandmother who was ever so patient with me.

Knowing you love jigsaw puzzles, it didn't surprise me that you were also a Scrabble player!

Cris in MT


5dogmom (CRISR5)

From: 5dogmom (CRISR5)


Forgot to mention that I'm still quilting small.  I assembled a chicken pincushion yesterday, a little (4") red hen.  Today's job will be a little brown hen.

In the evenings I've been cross stitching.

Cris in MT



From: latterberry


I sure do enjoy reading your stories and seeing the new blocks that you made.  I was wondering if you would do something with Scrabble.  Didn't you make a Scrabble quilt a while back? I have the same puzzle fabric--your block turned out really cute.  You?  Get in trouble and have to write sentences?  I can't imagine that!  I remember my 5th grade teacher.  Total battleax, but I got through without getting in trouble  I thin I was too scared of her to even make a peep.  I swear she was 6 foot tall and 300+ pounds.  Keep the blocks and stories coming!

I have been plugging away with getting my stack of flimsies into finished quilts.  I've gotten quite a few finished and if we get a non windy nice day I'll get some photos.  My current goal is to do something with a drawer full of precuts.  Not sure what possessed me to get them but I have a couple of layer cakes and and jelly rolls that don't even go together.  And so many different charm packs.  What was I thinking?  I am working n one charm pack now by Benartex that is not cut evenly at all and I ended up trimming them all to 4.5".  For what I paid for these precuts, I'm not going to pitch them.  


From: judyinohio


You have an excellent memory! Yes, I did make a Scrabble® quilt for a dear friend who was dying of kidney failure ... she was one of the group that I played the game with on a regular basis. (This group started out with six members and is now down to only three.)

Like I wrote earlier, I have totally suppressed my memories of that fifth grade teacher ... she was a female and she disliked me but that's all I recall. (Maybe she hated me because I was smarter than she was. LOL)

I also have a few precuts purchased on impulse, mainly because the colors grabbed me. That's why I keep watching Donna Jordan's daily emails and waiting for the perfect one to inspire me. wink  And Benartex has been in the doghouse with me ever since the time I bought a fabric that was so whopperjawed .... do you recall the photos I shared long ago on the forum about that badly warped fabric? (Back in the days?)

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From: Midkid5


Benartex fabric, I am very cautious about buying, have been for along due to the very reasons mentioned.

I felt sorry for my fifth grade teacher, we were the first and only year he taught. There were two classes of every grade in school, to determine who was in which class all names were dumped in a hat and pull out.  But not for the group that made up the fifth grade classes the year he taught.  The fourth grade teachers were seasoned teachers, and this group was one if not thee worst group they every taught So the classes for fifth grade were very carefully cultivated.  I had a real hard time dealing with how mean fellow classmates were to each other.