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What Are You Working On Now?   General Discussion

Started 11/19/17 by MarciainMD; 797696 views.

From: LindaPutt


Thank you Shelley.  Yes, it took a long time to do each block, but truthfully, I set it aside for several years, unable to decide how I wanted to complete it.  There were 5 more blocks in the pattern and I wasn't fond of them.  I substituted 1 of the blocks with the groom block.  The other 4 I finally decided to just not do (even though I had drawn up some patterns I liked to replace them - a house for them to live in, etc.) - I finally decided it was more work than I wanted to do, that 16 blocks would make a nice sized quilt, and to just get it done.

Yes, I'm working on the border now.  I originally thought I'd do a swag border.  I finally decided, that with a little bit more work than that, I could do arced stems with leaves and a bud beside each block.  I've got it drawn up, and am finally excited to get it underway, and completed.

As far as quilting, I took Susan Smith's Freehand Quilting Master Class (the one that Dee also took), so I have some fill ideas for the blocks that I think I can pull off.  I'll outline all of the elements first, and do stitch in the ditch around the blocks and sashing.  I'm still thinking on the quilting for the border.  I'm going to have to see how it turns out before I decide.  I love doing feathers, so there will likely be some in there somewhere.


From: latterberry


Your quilt is totally amazing!!! All that work while watching 2 GGgrandchildren.  You are wonder woman!

Glad you are squeezing in some quilting time again. The quilt sure is beautiful and will look awesome hung in your house. Sorry to hear the little one is sick and now her mama too. Hope everyone feels better soon.


From: LindaPutt


Thanks Lynne.  I'm really happy to have it to this stage.  I'm trying to consider every stage a win.


From: LindaPutt


Thanks Ami.  Both Rick & I tested positive for Covid this morning.  We both feel lousy. 


From: Midkid5


Your quilt is a gorgeous piece of art.

Do hope you and DH both have very mild cases and are able to be back to full health quickly. Praying for both.


I've been taking a 3-part (6 hours) Drunkard's Path class by Pepper Cory.  I just love her!  Parts 1 and 2 were on Saturday and Sunday, and Part 3 will be this Saturday.  I have done some smaller DP blocks before, and I am familiar with curved piecing, but Pepper has a slightly different take on it.  What I wanted from the class was the content about choosing fabrics, variations using the basic DP block, and how to use contrasts between light and dark, complementary colors, large-scale and small-scale prints, etc.  "Homework" after the first class was to create one or more blocks of whatever variation we liked.  I have been wanting to use some of my Asian fabrics, and the "Rob Peter to Pay Paul" variation seemed like it would be a good way to use them.  The first picture is my first test block, and the second picture, I was just playing with one of the animal designs - a stylized bird.  I guess I had Edgar Allen Poe on my mind when I made that RAVEN.  (The beak was not in the original block; I added that myself.)  With Halloween coming up, I think I can also modify that block to represent a BAT -- with a much smaller tail section and two little prairie points for the bat ears.  LOL  I think I will just add some more Halloween fabric from my stash and make it a wall hanging.  Or maybe the raven will be a wall hanging all by itself.  I could call it "Nevermore."  haha  

I wish I had more of that black TOT fabric, because I think it kinda looks like feathers.  


So sorry! Hopefully you have a mild and quick episode. It is so not fun being sick.


From: judyinohio


Oooh, I'm jealous!  I would have liked to take a class from Pepper Cory back in the day when I was able to go to shows and take classes. I've always liked reading stuff she's written for books and magazines because she seems like a very wise woman.

I've always remembered Pepper's comment in one article;  "Never quilt a a bedcover to cardboard"  (or words to that effect) as a warning to never over-quilt a quilt.

I decided to donate some of my I spy tops for the guild to sell in our "country store" in our quilt show in September.  So I started quilting.  And since I had 9 yards of backing loaded, I just kept going.  $ quilts quilted.  I tried a new edge to edge pattern that the designer called filaments - once I figured out how to "travel", it was lots of fun.  And doesn't it look happy on the colorful quilt!  The pattern is basically 3 loops or "L's then underlined with arcs.  I wanted something that wasn't flowers.

here's the stack.  Now to get them bound.