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What Are You Working On Now?   General Discussion

Started 11/19/17 by MarciainMD; 938529 views.

From: bornblesse2


Now that I haven’t tried …. make binding from a panel!

that could be very interesting!   Hummmmm…..always something new….


From: tuckyquilter


In the garage "studio" (lol) cutting backing and batting for several quilts. 

Got these Xmas Goodies from my son's family..via an Amazon gift card.

I already tried the three cone thread holder (two to a pack) and it's a winner. Needed a new 'add a port' for my computer and a new clock that is a phone charger too. And even better I still have $$ to spend.. I might order some more of these Thread holders as gifts for my QOV group. I always put a gift bag together for each member of the group. Sharing this because of the thread holders and didn't want to take another pic.. lol


Wow, that thread holder DOES look like a winner!  And I like the clock a lot too.  

I have been cutting kits from some donation fabric for our local county hospital community outreach.  I had some novelty flannels left, but not enough to do a another full quilt.  Then we had a speaker on Friday that has written a fun pattern.  Pretty simple really, a 6" square with 6 flying geese 3x6.  I did buy the pattern just to support her (former police officer writing quilt patterns - pretty cool).  The pattern is Cinnamon Spice by Sugar Stitches if you are interested.

Once I figured out that lots of starch and a Very Scant quarter inch really helped the "no waste" method of making 4 flying geese at a time, they went together quickly.  I'm really liking the "modern" feel.


From: tuckyquilter


Terrific use of scraps.  Better yet, one could size it up or down depending on the size of the scraps at hand.

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Pirate (PIRATE_SR)

From: Pirate (PIRATE_SR)


Despite my best intentions, it appears that I have several hand-stitched projects going simultaneously.  I have finished ONE.  (clarification: finished the top, not the quilt)

I started in January 2022, so it has taken me 14 months of stitching, although I wasn't exclusively working on this project.

The Dillyflower itself is EPP and is designed by Elise Baek of the Facebook group, "English Paper Piecing Society".  It is a rounded top Dresden fan, stitched onto a cental hexagon.  I machine stitched the sections of the the background and the Dillyflower is hand appliqued to the background. 
All the blocks were machine stitched together.  Look at all those angled seams!  

I wasn't really sure how to estimate the probable size of this top, but I just kept adding on columns of color.  Now that it is finished, it measures a whopping 102" x 122".  It is just barely going to fit on my longarm machine.

I straightened the edges by stitching half-hexagons to the top & bottom and half-diamonds to the sides.

It now joins the pile of Tops to be Quilted.  


From: Midkid5


I hope this quilt top keeps coming to the top of the pile.  It's a beautiful quilt and desires a finish.



From: latterberry


Wow! Another beauty!  It's so bright and cheery.  How are your daughters getting along?

Pirate (PIRATE_SR)

From: Pirate (PIRATE_SR)


Hiya, Lynne    

Our NYC daughter,  the one with the defective BRCA gene, has her first chemo appt on 2/23.  She's in a very good mental space right now.  She's got what she needs to do planned out and anticipated,  so it's not so much of a terrifying unknown.  She has not only family support but local support.  She has returned to work,  partly at home, partly in the office.

Our Colorado daughter, the one with the reconstructed ankle, ... pardon the analogy ... two steps forward, one step back. There was a small problem with the way the ankle was reset when the original cast was replaced so she now is doing PT that will correct that .... and it's painful. But, she's doing it.  I think it will be "soon" that she can start putting weight (but not walking) on the foot.  She's hoping that by April/May, she'll be able to drive.

She is working from home so she can elevate and rest her foot when needed.  She's also coordinating the details of her upcoming May wedding.  Understandably,  she's a bit stressed right now.  But she also has both family support and help at home.  What is frustrating for her is that she just isn't as independently mobile as she would like at this time.