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Can We Talk About Refrigerators?   Off-Topic Chat

Started Jan-29 by judyinohio; 1604 views.
CC (ccase5)

From: CC (ccase5)


just don't get one that sings to you when you open the door! I was out shopping and opened a fridge and almost jumped out of my pants!

From: judyinohio


I've seen some TV commercials of refrigerators with computer screens ... that would be too much for this old lady.

I need a new refrigerator that will fit in the same space as my old one (counter depth) which might be the trickiest part of this whole process.

Looking forward to reading about experiences of forum shoppers .... almost jumping out of pants is a good one.  grinning

You might have a long wait time.  It was a whole month between ordering mine at Home Depot and having it delivered.  I do NOT like the side-by-side models and where it goes, there's not room anyway, so I got an "old school" Whirlpool with the freezer on top, and I had them set it up to open from the left.  Several people (including my sister) told me I MUST have the freezer on the bottom - among other things, it's supposed to hold more.  But I didn't want that.  It's easier for me to reach eye-level than to crouch down and go on a polar expedition to find something at the back or the bottom.  While I was at my sister's house in December, I noticed my sister spends a LOT of time finding and re-arranging the frozen food in her bottom freezer, and then complaining about how much her back hurt.  I bit my tongue.

I had a similar wait time for the Bosch dishwasher I ordered from Lowe's.  But when I needed to replace my washing machine, I took some advice from local folks and went to a local furniture and appliance store (family-owned) that has been in business for more than 40 years.  The owner takes pride in keeping the most popular models in stock, and I had my new washer (and recliner) delivered the very next day.  Next time I need to replace an appliance, I'm going there first.      

we recently got a french door version from LG.  Primarily because I liked the ease of getting to the ice maker to clean it out.  We also got the side that isn't as deep thinking it wouldn't stick in to the room as much.  However we discovered you have to pull it out far enough from the cabinets that the doors don't hit the counter on each side.  Also discovered we really don't like the two doors. We almost always have to open both doors to find what we want and you can't open the bottom or center drawer without both open.  So I think we are likely to leave this one when we sell the house and just get one door on top.  I do like the drawer underneath for the freezer though.

Nice that a family owned business has survived - you still loving San Marcos?  I think it's funny that you are there and Marion's two best friends are there now (they aren't friends with each other, just both with her).  

Not San Marcos - San Angelo.  You would be surprised how many people think it is San Marcos, San Antonio, or somewhere else.  San Angelo is just not on a lot of people's radar, at least those outside of West Texas.  San Angelo is closer to New Mexico than San Marcos is.  

I knew that!  San Marcos is on the river down towards Austin.  I have only driven through San Angelo once when I tried driving from El Paso to Waco through the middle of Texas.  I think that was 1982 and I was honestly lost smile

yeah, you don't just drive through (or by) San Angelo on the way to somewhere else.  You have to be coming here on purpose.  LOL  That's one thing I do like about it - it's some distance from any Interstate, kind of insulated.  But around 100,000 population, with a good-sized state university.  

Suze (casuzenn)

From: Suze (casuzenn)


a singing fridge??!! oh my...that would scare the beejeebees out of me too!

My vent hood fan already turns itself on and off, if I forget to turn it on while cooking something, and it thinks things are getting too hot.  First time it happened, it skeered the poopie out of me!