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Project Box - pouch - tote   General Discussion

Started Feb-8 by Pirate (PIRATE_SR); 301 views.
Pirate (PIRATE_SR)

From: Pirate (PIRATE_SR)


Despite what my house looks like, I really do like and appreciate organization.  :-)

For my handwork projects, I like to have a grab-n-go container for each of the projects I'm working on.  Sometimes, it's a tote bag with the fabric; sometimes it's a pouch.  But every project has something to contain my sewing tools.   It turns out that I have a LOT of duplicates.  :-)   So I was able to make quite a few containers with sewing implements of destruction.  :-)   Small scissors on a lanyard.  A supply of needles and straight pins.  Thread (sewing quality and junky basting thread).  Maybe a tape measure.  Thimble Pads (because I don't/can't use thimbles).

A container with those supplies would get tossed into the tote (or whatever) with the fabric for the project.

THEN .... on a hexie FB group I'm in, a member showed a project box by DMC Corp.   Now, I will be the first to admit that I am a container junkie.  Oh, lordy, do I love containers!  All sorts of containers and cubbies and totes and boxes.  Sigh ... such riches.   Such small pleasures.  :-)    But this project box by DMC was beyond superlative.  Holy moley .. this was the Holy Grail.   I had to have one.  However, I did restrict myself to the *small* size ... economies, ya know. :-)

Here's the outside.  Measurements are 7"x9.5"x5"

When you open it up, you see there is a tray, which is subdivided.  I've taped a graph of my final arrangement for my Forever Project to the top inside.  You'll see there are finished stacks of hexies, waiting to be sewing into diamonds.  There are stacks of 2.5" fabric squares.  There are paper hexie templates.  There is a section that holds my sewing implements of destruction.

Now, DMC neglected one aspect that I thought was pretty important: when the tray is completely filled with stuff, it is very difficult to lift the tray up because you can't get your fingers around the divisions.  So, I got some wide reinforcement fabric tape (not grosgrain but I forget what it's called) and made 2 handles so I could remove the tray.

and here is the tray and what's underneath.  More stacks of 2.5" fabric squares.  More stacks of 4 hexies basted together.  A couple of diamond shapes that aren't going to be used.   

I just loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove this box.   (sighs of contentment)

And where can you get this box??  I checked DMC website and they've changed.  They no longer offer *that* box nor its slightly bigger brother. (You might be able to find my version on some third party sites)   BUT OH MY GOSH ... they now offer the Deluxe Floral Storage Box.  HOLY MOLEY.  I sure am glad *this* new box wasn't being offered when I bought mine.  

LOOK AT THE DRAWERS on this one!   And there's a cute little flip-out box!  And the spool holders in the lid!! Did I mention the pull-out drawers????   oh ... swoon!

Here's the link for those who might be tempted.


From: Mishii


Those are cute. If I was ever tempted to do handwork (I’m not), those would be perfect!

I totally get the obsession with containers! I share your love of containers and have my share of all kinds as well. Wow! Your pretty blue one is mega awesome!

oooo, very nice.  love containers also.    Nothing more satisfying than finding the perfect box for the perfect purpose.  I found a couple of plastic containers that included these removable divider trays that were the Perfect size for the little rolling cart I bought to put next to my machine. 

I was so tickled when they fit exactly.  And I still have the original plastic outside box to use for projects.  Found them at Gibsons for $8 each!  whee.  It's the little things....


From: YDritch


Lovely for sure, but $75?  I think I'd go with a fishing tackle box and some baggies!

Suze (casuzenn)

From: Suze (casuzenn)


YDritch said:

Lovely for sure, but $75?  I think I'd go with a fishing tackle box and some baggies!

You and I think alike!!

re $75, true, but it is still pretty to look at.  My break even point is somewhere around $30 for a fun container, though I enjoy I enjoy it even more when free. 

My favorite sewing kit right now is a lovely paper covered box that I received as a gift - no idea what came in it.  I think it might have been stationary but it's been at least 20 years.  I've kept it because it is very sturdy and just so pretty.  Recently I started using it for my hand piecing and it works great.   It is just the right size to sit in my lap.  And I can close it up very quickly when I need to go - much faster than the bag I was previously using and it stays on my lap better too.  A piece of sand paper fits in the top nicely for tracing templates.  I've thought about trying to attach some kind of string or band to close it, but for now I just use a large rubber band.  It could also use handles but I have a bag from a long ago retreat that it fits in well so that works.   One end has gotten torn which makes me sad, I've thought about trying to glue reinforcement inside but I don't think it will hold.  I also need to make a little tray of some kind to keep my scissors & bobbins from rolling around, something temporary that i can remove later.  It is great to use and I can find it easily when I leave it laying around the house in different locations.


From: Midkid5


Would fabric modpodged to the inside work to reinforce it?


Thank you for not saying "modge podged" -- that is so irritating.  LOL  

maybe.  I'm irritated at myself for not taking better care of it.  I'll give the modpodge a try on the inside.