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Whee - snowing in North Texas   Off-Topic Chat

Started Feb-10 by Dee in TX (DBRADFOR3); 1604 views.

I don't think it's cold enough to stick but it sure is pretty.  Very nice to be sitting here at my desk at home all warm.  I sure am loving working from home, not having to worry about the roads - I feel very spoiled. blush


From: Midkid5


Dee, glad you can enjoy the snow.  Air temp here in eastern ND at 9 am is a negative 13, with wind at 12 mph making a feels like -35 degrees.  We have been in the deep freeze for ten day and they are talk another week.  Most days have been sunny so it makes it easier on the mind.

Do take a good amount of time to review the final chosen floor plans, you will be glad you did once the house is built.


yikes.  I couldn't survive there.  I've lived almost 60 years in places where it gets cold on occasion but rarely below zero and it never lasts more than a few days.   Even in Santa Fe it didn't get cold for that long. 

The snow has already stopped.  I know it wasn't going to stick, it hasn't been cold enough, but it was pretty to watch.  Though I think they are still forecasting some tomorrow.

Oh wow, just checked the forecast.  We are supposed to stay cold and wet for several days - even get down to 14-16 on Sunday & Monday.  With a 30% change of precipitation.  That is very unusual for here.  There will be a run on eggs, milk & bread at the stores.  We always laugh that people decide to make french toast any time there is a snow or ice forecast.


From: Kim D. (KIMDIG)


It snowed in east Mesa recently and here is the video.  Looks funny to see it snowing with water in the pool.  

The windchill is 19 here says temp is 30.  Supposed to be snowing in an hour. Not much though.

I’m so glad we went to have hubby’s lab work done yesterday.  His kidney function has gone down to 29%.  Puts him in Stage 4 kidney diseaseconfused


From: judyinohio


Midkid5 said:

Do take a good amount of time to review the final chosen floor plans, you will be glad you did once the house is built.

That is super-duper advice, Jo.

DH reviewed our house plans over and over and over until I was ready for divorce court.  LOL  And yet we did forget one thing that he mentioned about a month after we moved in. DH thought it would have been nice if we had built in a "safe room", a room in our basement with a built-in safe. 

Actually, more of a closet, not a room.

  • Edited February 10, 2021 6:57 pm  by  judyinohio

In Texas, a "safe" room would also mean a built-in storm shelter - for those Texas tornadoes, don'tcha know?

and they are frequently together too.  yup, that one is on the list.  And now the "thing" around here is a hidden room as well.

We looked at a house in Texas when we were there that had a hidden was kinda neat idea.

I am finding something pretty interesting.  Many of the rooms are very similar to what we have here.  Which indicates a couple of things - either we really like our current house (which I do) or we don't have much imagination.  My sewing room is identical even down to the door & window placement, except 2 feet bigger in both directions.  Kitchen has considerably more counter space but dining room and living room are the same as is the master bed room & bath.  Part of me wants to ask why we are moving.  But I know the answer - location.  DH is soooo excited about the stock tank,  he's been out there twice this week to see how it's going.  Come Spring I'm sure he's going to be out there fishing.