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what a week   Off-Topic Chat

Started Feb-18 by Dee in TX (DBRADFOR3); 1435 views.

We were without power for 2 days and took a 3rd day to get internet back.  Roads actually weren't all that bad, it has been so cold the snow has stayed dry and powder.  So DH keeps going out - silly man is absolutely addicted to the internet - has been going seriously stir crazy.  My daughter hasn't had water in Abilene and has 2 friends & a dog camping out in her 1 bedroom apartment because she at least has power.  Son's power has been off & on (mostly off) since Monday and also no water still - lots of ice on the roads there.  We at least had lots of wood and a nice fireplace.  My son almost came home for the weekend but we told him not to because of worry he would get stuck here - now I wish he had at least I wouldn't have been worried about him.  Sure do appreciate electricity now.  Hot coffee and a hot shower.  And a husband who knows how to run a chain saw and build a fire.


From: judyinohio


Thanks for the update, Dee.  I've been concerned about how you and your family were coping.

very thankful that the snow has been dry- all the wood piled up that was cut 2 summers ago was dry even though snow covered.  And we had the chimney cleaned 2 months ago, it had not been used for about 5 years.  Never dreamed how important it would be this week.  We have a generator but ended up not needing it.  The house actually stayed reasonably warm, not comfortable but not bad - the coldest room got down to 49.  The room we stayed in we were able to keep it in the mid to low 60's - the doggies and cat were happy to have us all together around the fireplace.  I had my handwork and a book by candlelight when it got too dark.  DH had various battery backup things we used to charge the phones and his tablet for playing soduko.    It did get us to thinking about the new house - definitely want to put in a more efficient fireplace - this one worked ok but for the amount of firewood it didn't heat the room as well as it should. 

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one of our neighbors posted a "lost dog" picture on NextDoor of a polar bear - hahah.

viola (sissly4)

From: viola (sissly4)


My heart goes out for everybody in Texas right now I cannot imagine how cold it is yet when I lived in Ohio for 5 years we had a storm come through where we had no electric either and the two boys and I crawled into bed with shoes coats hats and we still could not keep warm so I feel for you guys


From: latterberry


It's been nasty here in Illinois too.  About a week of below zero temps but at least we have power.  My cousin in northern Il has 27 inches of snow in her yard!  Only about 5 or 6 in mine but we live up a bit of a hill and when it gets packed down on the driveway, it is a real struggle to drive up the hill.  You have to really gun it to get up but them I'm afraid of going right through the garage.  It is  supposed to be in teh 30s this weekend and it will feel like a heat wave.




We never lost power, but had the generator sitting in front just in case.  Texas son lost power for 36 hours, then intermittent power outages.  The grand kids were in internet withdrawal also (probably DIL also!), and they did have a gas fireplace to kin of keep warm.

Of course, that is when three of the ewes decided to lamb, that is how I ended up with a bottle baby, the third triplet just couldn't compete and the cold almost got her. What's App-ed the lamb and the grand kids last night, they loved seeing the lamb running around the living room. they are tuning in today at afternoon bottle feeding.

I can hardly wait for the temps to get back up!

We busted out of the drive yesterday to get our second covid shot.  Would not have been able to with out 4 wheel drive!

So glad you got power back. That does not sound like a fun time.

I bet you little lambs are adorable.