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what a week   Off-Topic Chat

Started Feb-18 by Dee in TX (DBRADFOR3); 1465 views.

From: tuckyquilter


Stay home and stay safe.  Hopefully you have a treadle so you can keep busy.  LOL

Your son was probably wise to stay in place.   Blessings to your daughter for taking friends in when she has warmth, and they don't.  Water can be found.  You folks have been hit hard with something you don't get that often.  Spring is not far off.  It seems everyone west of the CA state line has had blizzards etc and temps that are cold as a well diggers hinny in Jan, in Montana.

My son said they have had super cold temps and snow up in the Toledo OH area, but "claims" the kids love it.  They are out playing in the stuff. Both he & wife are working from home so I'm grateful neither has to be on the road. He does drive to work in Detroit a couple of days a week just to keep in touch with the office.

All this bad, cold weather reminds me of why I moved West from Kansas more than 50 yrs ago.  I'm a weather wuss

This too shall pass.  


From: bornblesse2



so glad you are ok and survived those rough days.  The cold has been bad all over.  My sis in Des Moines is so sick of cold and snow she just huddles, drinks tea, and thinks of

we all really forget how easy our every day life is with electricity and running water.


From: tuckyquilter


SO true.  Years ago at a Bible Study, the leader asked us to all name one thing in our kitchen that was our favorite thing.  She got the usual toaster, microwave, coffee pot etc, then she came to Grace.  Grace was in her late 80's.. Her answer gave us all pause:   RUNNING WATER....

We had never given that much thought as that was all we'd ever had.   Good lesson in "be grateful for what we have".   

I was raised in the Midwest and hated snow, cold and ice.  Said I would leave as soon as I could.... and I did.  SoCal is pretty crazy politically but I love the weather.  I live about half way between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, in what used to be a sleepy farm town. 


From: bornblesse2


People around me sometimes laugh when I tell them that almost every week I express thanks for my washer and dryer!

growing up I had to help hang up a good portion of the laundry on the line.  I also remember having to help The agitator and wringer very old school down in the yucky basement.  So I always appreciated the modern washer and dryer.  
but many years of my young adult life I had to use laundromats.  So when I got my own home and units of my own, and had baby diapers and clothes, I was always thankful to not be running out to get them done.  I think it keeps me great ful but also centered to know no matter if I have a tough time in life, I do have luxuries to make it easier.

dear son now knows how to flush a toilet using a bucket of water relaxed

He has water for a few hours yesterday but then it was off again this morning.  But his comment was he still had a couple of trashcans of water.

Yes, I was glad when I learned that you don't have to take the top off the tank every time you want to flush!  ha!

I loved Misha's idea of putting snow in the bathtub.  We had filled up the bathtub just in case but Marion didn't have a stopper for hers.  So they were going up and down the stairs bringing up bowls of snow.  She had a bunch on her balcony due to the direction of the wind so she said they scraped that up 1st.  We'll be telling stories of the last week for years to come.  I saw someone had filed a 111M lawsuit against the electric utility for wrongful death.  

we just went out to lunch - it is 78 degrees outside.  what a difference a week makes.  Our builder is out fixing broken plumbing right now, he says he has 10 different people frantic to have him come work on their well pipes.  So while our tile is drying he's doing that.


From: bornblesse2


Oh, so glad it has warmed up!  I missed you at retreat....l


From: Judy (DJZMOM)


How are you all doing down there about now?  I hope everything for you is back to some normal and you are warm with electricity.  I have been thinking about you as I've been making plans to go to Denton!  My sister has been working on a Master's of Library Science (or it may be Information Science).  Anyway, it has been a long haul for her working FT and still trying to complete the required classes.  Almost unimaginably, this is her last semester and she has applied for graduation in May.  I'm determined to get my Mom down there to see her receive her credentials.  When COVID hit I really wondered if she would be willing to travel.  But we got her Senior ID at the DMV and she seems pleased with the idea of attending.  We may not see her walk but only sitting as a socially distanced group but if the College of Info Sci holds a special event we should be able to go to that.  

All that to say...  was Denton where you lived when you were first married? I couldn't remember your history there.