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wintertime entertainment - bird feeder   Off-Topic Chat

Started Feb-18 by Dee in TX (DBRADFOR3); 245 views.
CC (ccase5)

From: CC (ccase5)


Awwww, i put out a bird feeder but hardly ever see a bird or even a squirrel out there. Well my son out it out. perhaps it is the seed?

From: latterberry


Mine have been eating me out of house and home.  I just toss the food on the deck railing and when it's gone the birds seem to line up and look in the front window pleading for more.  I get so many grackles which are nasty greed birds, but I guess they are hungrily too.  




latterberry said:

I get so many grackles which are nasty greed birds,

Thankfully I have not seen grackles. I guess they hang around WalMart parking lots!  Have lots of sparrows and meadowlarks.  Also 8 to 10 cardinal pairs. They don't hang out unless the feeder is full, which I try to do every morning.

My little sparrows and wrens really liked my crumbled seed cookies, so I'm going to throw out more today.  I don't see how their skinny little feet don't freeze in the snow!  


From: judyinohio


Here's the internet to the rescue to answer your question, Jonna ...

"Have you ever watched ducks walking around in freezing temperatures and wondered why their feet don't freeze? And how do birds, including this Northern Flicker, sit on metal perches with no problem? Birds' feet have a miraculous adaptation that keeps them from freezing. Rete mirabile — Latin for "wonderful net" — is a fine, netlike pattern of arteries that interweaves blood from a bird's heart with the veins carrying cold blood from its feet and legs. The system cools the blood so the little blood that goes down to the feet is already cold, so the birds don't lose much heat. The small amount that goes to the feet is likely just enough to keep the feet from freezing."




Glad your cookies went to good use!!

I was driving past a partially frozen lake recently and was looking at all the ducks in the unfrozen section and was wondering how they don't freeze.