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Another Cute Use For Jelly Roll Strips   General Discussion

Started Oct-6 by judyinohio; 367 views.

From: latterberry


That is a neat pattern.  It does look like something you would like.  She has lots of good videos and I like that she just gives directions without all sorts of chitchat.

I'm on one of my solo road trips right now.  I'm enjoying the Blue Ridge mountains in VA and visited a quilt shop in this small town.  They had taken over one of those old two story brick school houses ad claimed to have two floors of fabric.  I was really disappointed.  One floor was only fleece, flannel, and upholstery stuff. The bottom floor was only 2 rooms of fabric and 2 rooms of any notion you could think of.  The fabric selection wasn't al that great either.  Maybe that was a good thing---like I really need more fabric!


From: judyinohio


latterberry said:

One floor was only fleece, flannel, and upholstery stuff.

You could have considered Dee's idea of using fleece for backings on your charity quilts and bought some wild fleece prints to experiment with ... looks like you will have to go back to that shop and think about my suggestion.  smiling_imp


From: latterberry


I do use fleece on the tops that are wider than 40 inches so I don't have to piece backings.  I hate doing that.  I did go up to look at their fleece but it was pretty pricey and I can do much better on JoAnn sales.