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20th ANNUAL VALLEY OF THE SUN QUILTING RETREAT Feb 24-27-2022   News and Announcements

Started 10/29/21 by KSCarolyn; 59080 views.
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From: bornblesse2


ADOPTION needed!

i am bring to retreat a box from Denise’s that has 3 black and white projects started that need adoption! The bottom of the box has black and white prints - along with the separated bags that have fabrics.

i know several of you asked for charity things to sew.  So ponder these 3!  First responder gets first choice!



i am almost positive this was the Irish Chain mystery that Linda P. Did with us.  Don’t ask my why it has borders on one end……I have the fabrics!  I don’t see the pattern.  The adoptive parent would need to dig the pattern out or contact Linda for the pattern to finish!

ladies, it is 1/2 done!

B).  This bundle is the stretched chain mystery that I did you a few years ago.  I didn’t look too close, but pattern is there, and it looks like the clues are bagged.  It just needs to be put together.


C). This bundle is a black and white doggie panel that she cut up and was scrappily putting together with some red.  I pile of blocks and rectangles are together!   At retreat with the design walls might be a great place to get this arranged!

speak up Ladies!  Charity quilts half made!  Or make it for yourself!




I can take B, unless someone else REALLY wants it!!


From: Mishii


I want B. You know I can’t do the others!

Not me -- I already have one B&W UFO to finish, and I know I probably won't be able to do another one of those.  But you - you can finish 3 UFOs in the time it would take me to finish just ONE!  

And besides, if I did one, I'd rather do C.  La dee da ... La dee da ... 

Now remember -- we 3 Musketeers have also volunteered to do clean-up too.  But y'all do that fast too -- y'all are BOTH faster than I am at everything!  

You could so do any of those three!  (Past experience at a certain retreat with a certain quilt top notwithstanding.)  Heh.  


From: MelRN


Yes, I asked if it should be wrapped and they said, "yes, that's a great idea; let's do that!" 

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From: MelRN


3968.339 in reply to 3968.330 

"Good question and good idea.  Yes, let's wrap them and open them all at the end. "

Oh what a beautiful little girl. How old is she now? We are enjoying our 16 month old granddaughter.  Even when I ask her for a hug and she quickly says “NO”. They are such fun.